Allegheny New Hire Class


Jan 14, 2003
Does anyony know when Allegheny is planning their next new hire class? I''ve been in the pilot pool for quite some time now and was just wondering. Can anyone help me?
I've heard that hey have a class of 22 on February 3rd. You have to pay $700 per month for health care though. So hopefully you will make enough to cover that during training.
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I thought the $700 was just the Teamsters? I haven't been notified of any date yet.
It is rumored that Chautauqua is hiring 40/month. Come to the Dark Side, Luke.
Allegheny had a new hire class possibly planned for Jan if they could not fill the class with furlough recalls. This class was postponed due to "scheduling effeciencies" we are told. I have not heard a date for a possible class. The Feb schedules have already went to bid. I am an instructor and I was not notified of any training, which means nothing really. They can always add training classes, so who knows. As far as the health care cost increases, that does NOT affect the pilots. That is a fight with the mechanics. The max cost for the family plan is 67.50 per pay period and cannot be increased for 6 years.
ALGFLYR is correct. There was some talk last month of a "new hire" class some time in Jan/Feb. But, the crew planning/scheduling department started using a different scheduling program (a SABRE-based system I think) and, due to the efficiencies gained by reducing the "soft time" (ie deadheading), the number of pilots they have now is adequate per their staffing formula. If attrition starts to be a factor, or if we get any additional aircraft (turboprops-unlikely; RJs-maybe???) a new hire class could be a possibility. I don't believe there are too many furloughed ALG folks left on the list. Now the question is "when?" Thats anyones guess. Sorry I can't give you any more information. Good Luck.
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I really appreciate the info you have offered. I really want the ALG job, so I guess I'll just sit tight and wait for a call. At least I'm still flying. If you find out any additional info, please let me know. Thanks again.