ALPA Contract LINK?


Aug 20, 2002
I need a copy of either the current or prior WN ALPA contract? Does anybody know a link to it?
ALPA has never represented SWA pilots.

If you'd like to see a copy, have your union request one through SWAPA. is probably the easiest way to get in touch. The contract is not for general public dissemination.
Actually the SWAPA site requires a password. It must be posted on the net somewhere? Any ideas?
Each pilot has his own password.

Who are you and why do you want this info? I can answer a specific question ot two (see the old thread on Question for SWA#1 on the USAir page), but the whole contract is not fo public consumption.

The public can only access data sudh as PR that is for the public, including contact information.

All contracts are available to the public at the National Mediation Board office in DC, and SOME are available on their website.


The contract is not for general public dissemination.
SWAPA does not provide the public this data. While the contract itself is part of the public domain, as are all RLA contracts, most unions consider the details proprietary.