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Sep 17, 2002
Thought you all might be interested:

This is Roy Freundlich with a US Airways MEC update for Wednesday, July 30, with one new item.

As we reported last week, US Airways management, in conjunction with the chief pilot offices, has been submitting form letters to pilots in crew room mailboxes. These form letters ask you to respond to remarks put into your lines by crew schedulers and other clerical workers. This process obviously does nothing to help pilots or improve operations; it only provides you the opportunity to incriminate yourself and be exposed to disciplinary action beyond the scope of our Contract. The Association is challenging the legality of the form letter’s use and content, and we strongly recommend you do not fill it out without first contacting the Contract Hotline at 800 USAIRMEC.

In the meantime, since management feels the need to manage by form-letter, we thought it would be useful for employees to communicate via form-letter to management on some of their many ill-conceived actions. We have prepared a form letter for David Siegel, Neil Cohen, Jerry Glass, and Bruce Ashby to fill out and return to you. This respond-to-employees, quality airline form letter is posted on the MEC website at

Here’s how it works. First review management’s long and distinguished record of frequent operational and contractual abuses. Then check the box next to one or all of the senior managers listed that you wish to receive a response from.

Next, check the appropriate remark acronym(s) that identifies the issue you are seeking a response to. For example, on management’s form to pilots they have a box to check next to the acronym NSI which represents Not Signed In, which you are then requested to respond to because a clerical worker put that remark in your line.

On the employee to management quality airline form, the following are examples of acronyms you can select for management to respond to you:

NO CLU = Negative Operational Consequences, Leadership Unconcerned

CRAP = Clueless Reduction of Airline Personnel

SCAM = Special Considerations for Airline Management

ECC = Excessive Corner Cutting

This form letter also helps management fill out the management response section by providing examples of remarks that are already widely known by US Airways employees and would be of little use as an explanation. For example, we ask that management not reply with statement like, I am out of touch with employees and don’t know how to treat people fairly. We are looking for more issue-based responses describing situations we may not be aware of as employees.

There are many contract violation or operational neglect issues to choose from. Select whichever applies to your concern and then COMAT or U.S. mail the form to management and await their response. There is no limit on the amount of forms you may submit. You may want to share this form with your friends and colleagues in the other labor groups.

Please download the form at and begin registering your concerns to management, today. Your MEC representatives thank you in advance for participating.

Please remember we have 1,879 pilots on furlough.

Thank you for listening.


I howled laughing when I read this. I thought it was great!

I sent this to the entire AFA MEC and Labor Coalition.
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