Employee Referral Bonus

Let's see. How would I phrase my sales pitch?

Hey, guy, dear friend of mine. How about you go to work on the ramp at PHL where you will have the opportunity to destroy your back in freezing cold weather for $8/hr! If you stick it out for 6 months, I get 100 bucks. It's the least you can do for me after I brought the potato salad to your cookout last summer. (Ok, I know everyone got salmonella poisoning from it, but it wasn't like I meant for that to happen.) Come on, please, pretty please with sugar on it. I need the 100 bucks. :rolleyes:
'Fraid not Lark. Actually, this program was announced several weeks ago. This latest is just where to get the forms and some other details.

ClueByFour said:
Two notes:

If they cannot fill what (for the most part) are positions requiring nothing but a clean drug test and the ability to lift 75 lbs, it's time to jack up the wages or close the doors.

$100 is a joke of a referral fee.  Particularly for any professional positions that might be filled this way (an analyst in pricing or ops, for instance).  Search firms will typically take anywhere between %10-%100 of the candidates initial yearly salary as the bounty.

I have to scratch my head. There are 22,000 employees who have either left the company or have been furloughed. We are short staffed everywhere in every dept.

I believe this managment has ruined the collective spirit of the existing employees, and can not attract anyone to work for the airline.


I am recently and extremely impressed that this Management has moved to modify the f/a Dependability/Discipline policies and is in the process of setting in place incentives that will improve one's work record. The company has honored our Amensty side letter and there will be information out about this shortly. This action I applaud.

I sincerely hope it is not too late to change our culture and save this carrier.

It was reported by Goldman Sachs today that the price of a barrel of fuel may climb upwards towards $100 barrel. This will not only put our Industry in crisis, but our entire nation. Presently its at $58. :down:
I find it hard press to tell a friend to work for usairways when they could be out of a job in a matter of months unless they just need a job where theyy can travel for free