American Airlines and bad press


May 4, 2011
For as long as I can remember, American Airlines has always been entangled in controversial 'bad-press' stories. From the plane crashes that ultimately were blamed on the pilots, to F/As getting killed on the tarmac, to drug-smuggling rings being uncovered, to F/As going nuts, to F/As speaking out against the company, to rampers getting caught on camera stealing, to AA suing travel agents, AA suing ex-employees, to AA introducing draconian fees, to -you name it- AA has had it all.

I wonder what it is like to work over there, because AA management seems to loose the grip a lot on stuff that should be contained.

Every so often you hear bad stuff from all the airlines, but none manage to consistently be in the media due to something bad like American does. I am amazed to say the least.

There were a few years in the late 2000s where it had been a little bit quiet, but stuff is back to normal with AA dominating the news on all sorts of scandals.

Here is my list of what I believe are the worst offenders in bad press.

1) American (by a far lead)
2) US Airways
3) United
4) Delta
5) Spirit
6) Southwest (the least of the major carriers)

On the other hand, it's funny to see airlines like Hawaiian and Alaska rarely being in the news for bad stuff, if at all.

Just my observation.
I think that SWA gets a fair amount, and doubt that they have the least. They have had issues with psgrs as well as their mtc issues. In any case it seems that the press just loves to jump on the airlines whenever they can.
Gotta agree that prior to the BK filing AA seemed to get less bad press than SW and even after the filing the airline ran smooth. The only press was the usual posuring by management and the unions. Did the other airlines not have much bad press during BK?

Lately it has gotten worse but who really knows the whole truth with the claims the company is making?
Hey! Let's play a kiddies game----Pin the Tail on the DONKEY!!

It seems that AMR made a BAD DECISION just after 'OL CRSmith retired, for the SECOND TIME. It seems that BEAN COUNTERS DO NOT HAVE LEADERSHIP SKILLS! They take the path of LEAST RESISTANCE, LEAST RESPONSIBILITY and LEAST VISIBILITY! Their goal is to generate MAXIMUM PROFIT! From this point, they take MAXIMUM REWARD (i.e. stock options and maximum compensation). Even in thin times, maximum reward was taken.

It seems that those who populate CenterPork have only themselves to blame. By playing 'US vs THEM', they have lost touch with what is happening with the corporate assets (planes, facilities & PERSONNEL). BEAN COUNTERS deal with NUMBERS & PAPER, NOT PEOPLE. Mr Baker was THE LAST VP to deal with THE REAL WORLD! Mr Collins is trying to keep this world intact, but he has been forced to SWALLOW Horton's Kool Aid! Leadership OUTSIDE the Board Room is a RARE COMMODITY. No wonder the Bored Room Voice has been silent! They absolutely do not know what is happening, or why! When the factual causes are revealed, Horton will point his finger, like Moses to Pharoh. NOTHING WILL CHANGE. Outsourced A/C mods & inspections will continue, FOR MORE PROFIT!

Passenger Customer Service/ Comfort & SAFETY BE DAMNED!!!

AMR has its mouthpieces in the DMN & Startlegram, those with a 'byline' will try to steer POSITIVE public opinion AWAY FROM the Union Personnel by painting, with a wide brush, a distasteful picture of collusion, ineptude and ignorance. The Corporate word portrait will be a dated still life,' paint by number'!