Anyone interested in trading buddy passes for airtan buddy passes?


May 24, 2012
Hi I work for Airtran and would like to trade a few airtran buddy passes for another airline so that I can do a international trip sometime soon. Please message me if you youre interested. My goal is to fly to Shanghi
You might want to consider doing ZED fare to PVG, I have a buddy at AA and his buddy passes are more expensive than ZED fares. I priced oneway on DL ATL NRT PVG and it was just $214.00 so double that for RT.
Wow a ZED isnt all that bad. thank you for your help. I have to change that since thats lower
Just look and since Ive only been with airtran for 3 months, Id have to wait till the 6 month mark :( guess ill have to try for a buddy pass again