APFA to merge with AFA-CWA

Rumor has it the E-Boards will meet and there will not be a vote by the membership.

That would be huge news. And the AFA is part of the AFL/CIO. If they did it without a vote it’ll be interesting to read their reasoning. It’s possible that the Bob Ross fiasco is what finally pushed them into the arms of Sara Nelson?
AFA, APFA and TWU are in solidarity with each other.

Contract ACTION Update/ Upcoming Solidarity Events

“APFA extended an invitation to TWU-556 President Lyn Montgomery and AFA-CWA International President Sara Nelson to offer industry perspectives and share ideas to combat management overreach. Discussions included the extreme importance of unionizing Delta Flight Attendants. Sara shared facts on how having large swaths of our workgroup without Union representation lowers the bar for Flight Attendants industry-wide. Our Lead CAT Members quickly realized that our struggles are shared struggles”