Bakers Dozen of Facts


Aug 28, 2002
13 Facts to Chew On
The economy is in the tank with war on the horizon, and 50K jobs are not everywhere to be had
With a contract in hand even if one does lose their job there is severance coming and hope of recall in brighter times, and a possible job at MDA to get you by in the meantime
Better to be looking for a job when you have a job
Better to seek employment coming from a winning team than have been part of losing team
Better to seek employment without the history on your resume stating you came from an organization which was filled with labor strife, or worse, helped cause the demise of your former employer by virtual of your union membership
Everyone feels they are worth more than they can actually earn, and the grass is always greener over there
LUV doesn’t need 5000 more mechanics, and disgruntled at that
Unless you have a ton of money stashed away or your spouse has a great job, the people you owe money to don’t care if your T/A sucks.
Even though you may want to throttle Chip with your bare hands, he still has the facts correct
Your pride won’t pay the bills and doctors don’t work for free
Your anger is one big waste of energy
This T/A sucks but the alternatives suck even worse, and the government will not save us from ourselves
If you read this far; you are seeking a reason to vote for acceptance and a chance to move forward to better and brighter days. Best of Luck to You

Jet Mechanic

Sep 13, 2002

Normally I copy pertinent parts of a post, but not this time. Boy, are you ratcheting up the rhetoric!! People are going to vote the way they see fit. In fact, what I have noticed is that with the events of the last few days, more guys are coming over to the NO side. There are NO guarantees even with an affirmative vote. We can all see that Dave simply goes into court and asks for yet another change to what we thought were iron-clad agreements.

Sorry, my vote is being cast as NO once again in a rational, sane and intelligent manner and is rather devoid of emotion. Let the pieces fall where they may, but I seriously doubt this is the end of the show.

Jet Mechanic


Aug 28, 2002
Jet Mechanic

I realize I can't think for people, but I can state true facts

I have had people tell me they have switched to yes this time

I believe it will be close. Too many old timers still hanging around to let the younger guys blow it away, plus all the utility and store people

Good Luck Jet Mechanic



Aug 20, 2002
As I posted previously, US Airways is at a critical juncture. Please do what is right for you but understand the actions that some would convey on these boards may inevitably lead to the demise of US Airways. While Cav and Chip take a lot of heat for what they post on these boards, as an industry-outsider and entrepreneur I CAN tell you that US Airways will find itself in DIRE straights on the 23rd when there's no DIP financing and no prospect for an ATSB loan. I truly hope this is not Eastern relived.

Good luck to all.