Charlotte would be new Delta’s No. 3 hub

This is a bit off of the CLT debate, but it does involve Hubs/bases.

I know that Delta has Hubs in: Atlanta, Cincinatti, Salt Lake, and they have crew "bases" like we have at US (i.e. PIT,BOS,DCA,LGA )? Does anyone know where they are??

Does Delta still have Song???
they have crew bases in lax,bos,mco and song is gone. jfk, lga,& ewr i think is a tri base

Please review this document, which is the information sheet of Fees, Rates and Charges for PIT. It lists per passenger fees of $9.85 for passengers requiring FIS, and $3.60 for passengers not requiring FIS. As near as I can tell, FIS is an acronym for Flight Information Systems, but what that entails, I really couldn't say.
Actually, FIS is an acronym for Federal Immigration Service - customs and immigration.

You'll notice that the middle column is for the using any of the "common use" gates. As such, that wouldn't apply to US since we lease our gates.

The left column is what applies to US (and every other airline that leases their gate/terminal/ticket counter space). You'll notice that there aren't any "per passenger" fees there.

One thng missing on all this hub stuff is.............
It is bad, not good for a city to have a fotress hub in todays market.
In the long run it is much better to the cities own economic base to have have a couple of big airline players vs one doninant one.
The cities that "Shrink" will be winners, the old guard hub airline eemployees may or may not. But it is a win-win for the cities, even if they do not see that!
Wasn't US paying a higher landing fee than WN? I thought we asked PIT to lower ours to their level and they refused. I was under impression that PIT wanted WN there, so they offered lower landing fees.

They (WN) were offered a new entrant advertising supplement. They turned it down.
Originating trafic is meaningless to a hub. Its a hub, remember, it could be in the middle of the Sahara, the cogent point is, if it works and makes money.

PHL doesn't work very well, but appearently makes money.

If there is a merger CLT will be doomed, it just would not make any sense. Anyone who thinks otherwise must have some good hooch in their pipe.
Perhaps a little deeper research than just taking the company's statements at face value....

A simple example to explain the cost per pax issue at PIT:

What's amazing is the number of people that believed the BS.

That makes more sense than I've heard out of most MBAs. BB, are you sure you haven't been studying at Wake Forest during your days off?? :up:
they have crew bases in lax,bos,mco and song is gone. jfk, lga,& ewr i think is a tri base
Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn't DL also have some "FA only" bases as well? I know they closed a few (MSY/HOU) a few years back, but they might still have SFO or MIA/FLL for FA's. Not sure which they closed and which they left open. Anyone??