Crystal Airways


Aug 20, 2002
Tampa, FL
Does this mean anything?
Crystal Airways Acquires Greenville, SC-Based Eastern Jet
Crystal Airways, the Tampa, FL-based new-entrant business carrier, has acquired Greenville, South Carolina-based Eastern Jet, in a strategic buyout of $5.3 million over a five-year period.
Eastern Jet President, Dennis Calvert said, It''s a tremendous opportunity for us, and a huge savings to Crystal Airways. We are pleased to be on board with them from the beginning of their operations.
Crystal Airways'' Chairman, President and CEO, Timothy Rivers stated, It was simple economics for us. Start-up airlines spend millions of dollars annually on flight crew training. With this acquisition, Crystal Airways now will have flight and cabin simulation equipment, in-house, for the aircraft types we will operate. The equipment will pay for itself over a relatively short period of time. Crystal Airways projects to save approximately $10 million in flight crew training costs over the next three years due to this buyout.
As part of the acquisition, Dennis Calvert will remain in his present position with Eastern Jet and assume to additional duties as Vice President - Business Development and Flight Crew Recruitment for Crystal Airways. Crystal Airways'' Chairman, Timothy Rivers, will also assume the position of CEO at Eastern Jet.
Eastern Jet has been in business for the past 14 months and has developed an impressive list of customers such as Delta Air Lines, AirTran Airways, Air Aruba and TWA.
Crystal Airways is a Tampa-based new-entrant airline that will operate B-757-200 aircraft in a unique single-class configuration called Crystal Classâ„¢, catering specifically to business travelers with superior service, seating and amenities, at an average of 40% below full-fare coach prices. Crystal Airways plans to begin service by the summer of 2003.


Aug 19, 2002
LOL! I can remember about three years ago on the planebusiness forums when folks were touting Crystal Airways. They still had the single class 757 idea but they planned to be based out of BWI and they were going to have SAN and a couple other cities as their inaugural routes.[BR][BR]I'm sure this will die like a lot of other dreams:[BR][BR]California Coastal Airways - does anybody else remember the planebusiness threads on that airline? What a riot.[BR][BR]Oneida Airlines.[BR]Northern Airlines.[BR][BR]Ahhh......folks should stick to Airline Simulation. I think I'm going to go out and buy a copy myself.

JI Guy

Aug 20, 2002
OMG! Crystal! What a farce! Dont even contract for the fuel...Yep, I remember CCA and Northern/Oneida!! Farces all truly got to wonder where the folks get money for these fiascos!!


Aug 20, 2002
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Actually Northern and Oneida/Legacy were two different groups. The Northern group is still going forward and has a good chance of flying. They recently got city approval for a new hangar at SYR. Would I work for them? Only if I found myself without a job. Ed Beuvies(sp) is in charge so I would be wary.

The second group were the dreamers with flights from Syr to Moscow.


Aug 20, 2002
All of these are pipe-dreams... for the time being. If America West, US Airways, United, Frontier, Aloha, ATA, and all the other ATSB applicants do not have access to capital markets, why would anyone loan a dime to any of these start-ups? Start-ups have a horrible track record and these days are among the most difficult since deregulation. And at a time when the industry has too much capacity, and small marginal airlines are failing (Vanguard, National) they want to start flying?

Crystal is going to focus on the biz traveller... Even though this market has dried up? Yeah, right. And Northern is basing its traffic on a shopping mall, despite the fact that it is already difficult to nail clippers through security?

Good gosh. Add into this that you have management with minimal experience or even worse multiple bankrupcies (I think Ed Beauvais gets the bankrupcy triple crown: America West, WestPac, and MAX (WestPac's in house commuter)).

I don't think I'll be buying a ticket on Crystal or Northern any time soon...


Aug 29, 2002
How many here remember Air1 out of STL in the 1980s? Crystal Airways sounds like an exact duplicate except for the airframe (Air1 used 727s).

Air1 tried competing with TWA during the early stages of economic recovery/growth. I'll be very surprised if Crystal Airways' first flight ever becomes airborne.