CWA 12 Written Proposals in 3 months.........


Aug 20, 2002
Can''t believe the CWA update...12 proposals in 3 months...think maybe the company wants us to go to court...can''t believe with all the quality time spent together...something could not be resolved. Thanks CWA for trying...also fo rthe update we needed to know....natives were getting restless...
New U math 12P(proposals)=12R(rejection). Maybe the company is trying to really promote consistancy.
What's the update? I went by the union board all day today and the only thing that get's posted is: We're still talking. Does anyone think that we could get some details? What's the latest proposal? What's agreed on and what's not? People in my office are getting very fed up with the uninformative Updates and the opinions I am hearing is that most poeple would like to get a chance to vote on something even if the vote is NO. Sick of being patient and very sick of the "We're still talking". What the **** are you talking about?[:(]
I heard from a union officer about 10 hrs ago that a TA to vote on with all kinds of different numbers on salary vac sick etc was being drafted and ballots by paper or internet would be ready by early next week..if this is true,,where's the update? Why no NEWS?
So far I am willing to wait until Sept 10 for word from CWA and the company, but was thinking that 12 proposals and 12 rejections from CWA in the 3 months what has the company offered inn that same 3 months... seems to me that CWA is making all the offers and the company is sitting back on its ass just rejecting until Sept 10.. so really did they ever want an agreement at all? if the judge in a BK is to deceide who has been negiotiating and who has not, would it not be concieveable to believe that CWA can win this argument?.. if the judge has to deceide to abbrogate our contract, what kind of prove does the company has to show, other than "Sir we have rejected the 12 proposal presented by CWA because "they were not good enough"..

Seemes to me that the judge should and will say, USAIRWAYS "that is not good enough"..

on a personal note.. I think that at this point I would be willing to take my chances with the judge and maybe just maybe that he will finally put the management on the spot and say "Get it done or you (management) won't like the outcome that I will render...
I agree...If after 12 proposals the company hasn'r budged...They don't really want to...I think at this point we might as well rely on the judges opinion than to cut our own wrists...I have read that the company is also thinking about fining the union for not comming to an agreement...Can you believe that...The company is the one that WANTS to break the contract we signed with them....They initated this we didn't...We have tried to negotiate with them with 12 proposals, which shows our good faith...I believe it is time for us to take our chances with our legal team...That is better than signing away your rights for years to come...

Hmmm...a bonus of 6 million dollars divided by 500 managers is about $12,000 per person...