CWA has played us for fools!


Aug 21, 2002
I was just re-reading the online CWA summary sheet on the proposed contract (linked from -- THE DATE AT THE BOTTOM IS 6/8/2002!
No wonder management said (see news story at front of USAviation) ... US Airways and the CWA together have worked to reach an agreement THAT MEETS THE TARGET COST REDUCTIONS, said Jerry A. Glass, US Airways senior vice president of employee relations.
The deal has been in since June, PROBABLY AS DICTATED BY MANAGEMENT - CWA has been jerking us around since then just to try make themselves look good - a great, big PR stunt to make them look like they''re actually doing something with our dues!
I used to think that CWA would help us, now I know they''re the biggest bunch of a-holes in the airline industy!
Can you believe those guys?
Thats the least of your problems,the date that is.

If you want to be stuck at 20/13 an hour for the next 6 years while UM/Board lines their pockets again, vote YES.

If you're in res and want to see 1/3 to 1/2 the force downgraded to dot com agents with or without an office closure within a year or less, vote YES.

If you want to be penalized for taking the paltry 5 days sick leave they're willing to pay you, vote YES.

If you realize at 3/4 pay AND 2 LESS HOLIDAYS , a topped out CS loses 9 or 10 days worth(about 2 weeks) of annual time off,(I'm actually ok with this), but you can still vote YES.

If you plan to be looking for a new job 6 months down the road instead of next week, postponing the inevitable, vote YES.

If you're ok with the union only caring about keeping the dues rolling in no matter at what payscale or from what fragment of US and subsids.,and not even bothering to barter some free/low cost agent friendly concessions other than 1/4 hr swaps, vote YES.

I plan to be at the head of the line and laugh with the rest of the NO VOTING I told you so's when all this comes true.And none of the YES sheep took precautions or have read between the lines.

The company did not bargain in good faith from the start. Cwa caved in. Vote your conscience . I did. I have a ton of cash and equity to support me in my current lifestyle,because hopefully I made all the right choices, as everyone has had the same free will to do, but I also have 20 years of bringing in millions of dollars of revenue to this company.And I won't and don't have to quit til Mary Tyler Siegel shuts the lights out.
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Yes or no, CWA will still get their dues ... and isn't that all they care about?

CWA will get their dues from us, even if we get demoted to Express classification ...

CWA will get their dues from Mid-Atlantic employees, whether they wanted CWA or not...

Am I the only one convinced that CWA is only in it for themselves ... or are they just incompetent?