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The TA was a piece of trash.I vote my conscience.I was told by fellow workers that if I wanted to take EO I should have voted Yes.Well, if the TA is ratified I will and give my position to a new McAirline employee. I have given almost 23 years to this company to be told that myself and other fellow employees are worthless and overpaid.This, so an ego driven dwarf in Alabama can have an airline.
Be careful what you ask for.
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This entire voting process boils down to one basic principle. Why should the people who are leaving the company with 15 or 20K, have a right to decide how much an hour I make, when they are long gone????? Yea, I would love to see the company survive. But sometimes it boils down to principle. Maybe if Bruce announced tomorrow that he was also taking a 16% paycut, then I would cast my vote as a Yes, instead of the No that I'm planning on. Time is running short, only 3 days left to make the BIG decesion. Maybe I'm better off selling my vote on Ebay.
Although the agreement is not good, some feel that by voting no they are making a statement. They are not voting for this ,but unfortunately if they don't vote yes , this is the agreement that the judge will impose when he abrogates the contracts in Jan., and maybe with some deletions like the buyout. So we are truly between a rock and a hard place. We will get this contract one way or another.sad but true.
I do not believe this poll is a true sample of the passenger service agents. I believe it will pass by a much higher percentage than this poll indicates. And I also believe the reason is that the posters on this board who have their own agendas are voting "No" eventhough they are not a member of the CWA. Does anyone else have an opinion on what it will pass or be defeated by???
CS AGENT said:
Poll shows 140 voted, I also do not believe there are 140 CWA members on this website.

Well, you can only vot once on these polls, so what are you saying?
4merresrat said:
Well, you can only vot once on these polls, so what are you saying?

That there may be people who voted in the poll who aren't CWA members.
Elmo said:
Is it true that AFA CWA F/A keep the dental but PAX/RES CWA will not???

Posti 65 retirees in AFA do not keep dental.
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