Cwa Responds To Newspaper Article


Aug 22, 2002
Ma'am, I used some very poor writing skills there.

I intended to direct that phrase at Tim, but you sure can't tell it from my post!

As in carpentry, write once, edit twice.

Mea cupla!


Jan 5, 2004
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:D thanks Diogenes. That's what I thought you meant. You have made alot of sense to me this evening.Thank you for your imput. It's now time for me to go watch some old movies and put an end to end to this Madness for one day. :)
Aug 20, 2002
diogenes said:
Dea Certe said:
And why hasn't anyone called them on it other than Lou Dobbs on CNN?
I'm sure Dea knows the answer, which is,

look at who owns the media - multinational (not loyal to any country, just the bottom line) corporations.

Did anybody see that ol' bulldog, Tim Russert, interview Jack Welch?

This was along the timeline of Welch's retirement and the revelations of his undisclosed retirement benefits.

Russert did everything but kiss Welch's,uhhhh, ring.

Nowhere did Russert disclose that Welch, CEO of GE, which owns NBC, was Russert's boss. Nowhere did Russert disclose how many GE/NBC stock options he had been granted. Bear in mind Russert edits some of NBC's programming (gee, maybe THAT's why NBC's coverage of the NAFTA debate sucked!)

Woodward and Bernstein said follow the money, so I did. It leads straight from the owning corporation to the editor's desk. And what about those speaking fees the talking heads charge, whenever they speak before the Chamber of Commerce, Business Rountable, etc? The media preaches full disclosure to the pols, what about a little reciprocity?

Liberal media, my ass! :shock:
Great post, Diogenes (any confusion over whose arse belongs where notwithstanding). Have you done much writing, other than on these vaunted pages?
I would be disappointed to find out that you have not had letters to the editor published. While I am not familiar with the newspapers in Eastern NC, I have often seen the CLT Observer. Its op-ed pages could use your insight and opinons.