Delta reaches deal to avoid pilot layoffs.

This AIP hasn't been voted on yet. Will be interesting to see how it goes...

Read that this morning Kev., and was wondering something. What was the ask before in talks about the minimum pay, wasn't it around 15%? If so and now Delta is willing to have 5% for the remaining Pilots to stay onboard then it is clear that the 15% ask at first was clearly over padded by 10%.
Your right it will be interesting to see how the vote goes as 5% in my mind would be doable with snap back clauses and a die date set.
Also very glad to hear they might avoid layoffs at the big D, hopefully we can too...
Keeping furloughees on payroll at 30% seems like a reasonable trade-off vs. asking everyone to take a bigger cut.

It still sucks somewhat for the furloughees, but they'll keep their insurance, which in my book is the far biggest hit to anyone being furloughed. There are ways to replace income, but replacing a good insurance plan is almost impossible.
If I was a senior Captain, that had suffered thru NO CONTRACTS, then CRAPPY Contracts, and was FINALLY at top pay, Flying ATL to LHR, CDG, FRA, ZRH, or #1 on a 777, I would NOT give those Bastards back, one F Red Cent !!! Life is not always Fair !!
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I haven't seen the specifics, but I don't think anyone at the top gave anything back. This was all about keeping people on the property- not just because it makes for a good news story, but because DL desperately needs to keep the A220's staffed...
Another last minute deal to avoid layoffs at the big "D". Kind of wondering if we too might get a last minute deal to avoid the first ever layoffs at SWA. They are still talking at SWA with the unions and they have provided different type of ways so they are working hard to avoid the layoffs, maybe just a bit more creative. Talks extended beyond Dec 1st, but co. says they need something by end of year or they may have to make the next move come Jan 25th. Glad to see Delta come to an agreement with their Pilots.,700.html?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo