Donald Trump Indictment

Hey Trump lovers and haters. If you want to share News items and not have them labeled as poppycock. Try using this site. Otherwise all your crap is just going to get that “BREAKING NEWS” BS sticker.

-No one is above the law.

-A grand jury decided there was probable cause to indict Trump.

-He is entitled to have his day in court, where a jury--again made up of members of the public--will decide if he's guilty as charged or not.

Everything else is white noise.
You want to grow up and be the moderator?

You’ve posted your same woe is me story a 1,000 times.

Look in the mirror.
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We all wear our little masks don't we? You seem to have one for both faces.


This case is just the Democrats next step in six years of "get Trump". Nothing more elegant than that. It is meant to distract him from his 2024 campaign just like the Russia Russia Russia nonsense tied up the first two years of his Presidency.
None of the people that want to see Trump buried up to his neck and have honey poured all over him next to a Fire Ant Hill are going to read what you posted. And this is the reason why.
Only problem there is anybody that uses media bias fact check as a guide of what should and shouldn't be read are total buffoons. I have a rule I go by, I read it and decide for myself. most of those 'fact' checkers are liberal.

Article in question shows left and right sources of legal and media in total disbelief that Bragg filed on rather flimsy ground.

What ever you do don't read it, you'll end up like Lot's wife.
I see a big monkey wrench coming.....


That'll take most of the questionable indies and unhappy repo's away from Trump.

I’d be willing to listen to him and consider my support. Of course the Democratic Party will crush him and shove the continuation of Biden/Harris down our throats just like they shoved Hillary Clinton down our throats.

Voting for Hillary Clinton (And I did vote for her) was the most distasteful vote I’ve ever made in my life and the beginning of why the Democrats lost me. And Joe Biden has always made me puke.