Trump indicted

Hell people! You can see what the libs are trying to do here! They are desperate! They want to tie Trump up with legal B.S. through the nomination process to keep him off the ballot. But,...... this could just backfire on them and just harden more of the general public behind him, both finically, and at the ballot box!
Trump Campaign Hoping To Lock Up GOP Nomination With Third Indictment

So who's going down first.......Trump or Biden?

Jackie Smith just Effed up his early trial. Now the 3rd guy's lawyers will need ample time for discovery, which should move the trial well into late 2024......Trump then may pardon Himself.

70+ felonies and counting. Only one defense. Trump is being picked on.

Send money. These are some expensive, dumb lawyers.
The questions now are, does Trump have idiots for lawyers, do Trump’s lawyers have an idiot for a client, or both?