Aug 30, 2002
Just got a CBS message in CATCREW that effective 12/2/02...487 Flight Attendants will be furloughed from US Airways. This number may change due to the number of people on leave at present who elect to come back/people who elect to stay on leave. The company is also offering a vol seperation pkg to people willing to resign and another round of vol furloughs effective 12/2/02. Good Luck to ALL!
I am currently on voluntary furlough and still deciding whether to extend or not. I heard that the company is offering only 3 months medical/dental pkg with this new extension. I will opt to extend if the medical is longer than 3 months. Anyone heard anything on this?
I havent heard any numbers about medical benefits yet . I guess that means 487 more in the second quarter when another round of layoffs (250 pilots)happens. I thought it was gonna be right at 1000 so i guess i was pretty close :( WOW well we can only hope these guys make it ok ..