per Flight Service, 343 STL F/As furloughed eff. 1/31


Jan 9, 2003
This is Jane Allen with an Update for January 9, 2003.
I am recording this hotline on Thursday this week because we now have the
results of the Overage Leave / Partnership Flying proffers that closed on
Tuesday. Let me begin by saying that I am disappointed that we are in the
position of starting the New Year under difficult circumstances. But, as I
have said in the past, I believe it is important to be up-front with all of
you about this information and the situation we are facing.
The interest in the current round of Overage Leaves and Partnership Flying
was not as strong compared to the previous proffers. In addition, once all of
the final numbers were taken into consideration, a number of things drove our
actual overage higher in the AA operation than we estimated back in late
November when we were preparing to open the proffer. As you know, the company
continues to refine the schedule on an ongoing basis, as evidenced by the
constant state of change in which we are all working. Further, in the final
analysis, there were fewer flight attendants leaving the company or going on
inactive status than we originally estimated. Together, all of these things
drove our expected overage in the AA operation from 700 to 982.
Thus, on the AA side, after awarding all 12- and 6-month key blocks and all
valid proffers for auxiliary blocks and the additional 10% of auxiliary
blocks required by the Settlement Agreement, we granted a total of 446
Overage Leaves and 8 Partnerships. This leaves us with an overage of 528
flight attendants on the AA side.
In the STL/ISL operation, the final overage ended up being 417. We were able
to grant a total of 47 additional overage leaves and 27 partnerships in St.
Louis. This will reduce the overage to 343, which regrettably will be the
number of flight attendants that will be furloughed effective January 31.
Based on the information we have now, the system seniority number of the most
senior flight attendant to be furloughed from the STL/ISL operation is 24192,
which is equivalent to the annual TWA seniority number of 2447.
I wish I could tell you that this round of leaves and furloughs brings us
permanently to a place where we’ve seen the last of all of this.
Unfortunately, our situation remains critical and requires very difficult
decision-making and, although I am loathe to continue down this path, we must
take actions that ensure the survival of the company even when they
profoundly affect the lives of so many people.
More detailed information regarding the breakout of the Overage Leave and
Partnership Flying awards will be posted today on the Flight Service website.
I am truly sorry to hear this. My heart goes out to those who will be furloughed and to those who will now move to the bottom rung and hold on knowing that statements like the ones above by management do not sound like AA is out of the woods yet. Does this round of cuts also take into consideration the current reduction of the F100 that are now being removed from service much earlier than anticipated?
[P dir=ltr style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 0px"]From, a new way to reduce overages:[BR][BR]----------------[BR]American Airlines, which said in Dec. that it will have an overage of 1,100 flight attendants in 2003 owing to schedule reductions, will furlough 343 flight attendants with the least "system seniority" by Jan. 31, its union said. The Assn. of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents the carrier’s flight attendants, also said 492 were awarded "overage leaves" and 25 were granted [EM][STRONG]domestic[/STRONG][/EM] partnerships.[BR][BR][BR]----------------[/P]
It has been hinted at on the TWA Inflight message boards that training probably will be delayed. This means TWA aircraft will be crossing the fence and creating additional flying on the AA side to "soak up" the 500+ overage which still exists.

So far it's just a long tunnel with no light at the end.

actually there is a light at the end of the tunnel, unfortunately it's attached to an oncoming locomotive
It's official now; training postponed while TWA AC go over the fence alone to alleviate the overage on the AA side. This of course moves the overage to the TWA side, so it may not be over yet.

So much for all the statements by NAAtives during the start of this process that AA keeps the people not the equipment.
On 1/15/2003 10:17:25 PM kirkpatrick wrote:

It's official now; training postponed while TWA AC go over the fence alone to alleviate the overage on the AA side. This of course moves the overage to the TWA side, so it may not be over yet.


Any word on when training will begin?
[BLOCKQUOTE][BR]----------------[BR]On 1/17/2003 7:01:13 PM MiAAmi wrote:
[P][/P]Any word on when training will begin?[BR]
[P]The decision, of if and when, will be made only after the summer schedule is finalized.[/P]
On 1/16/2003 9:24:13 AM nyc6035 wrote:

So much for all the statements by NAAtives during the start of this process that AA keeps the people not the equipment.

But look at the bright side...Carty & Jane Allen has time and time again said that STL is one of the most profitable hubs AMR has. You TWA folks keep bringing up your "on-time" performance (woohoo, we're # 1!) and how good it was before going belly-up and how much better your benefits were, how the acquisition was such a great deal for AMR, etc. etc. etc....

so keep on smiling and rehashing your past and pre-acquisition. that will get you through the day.

Truly you folks had to know this day was coming. You had to know that the TWA purchase was merely an job extension of 2-3 years before you faced unemployment, or were you actually fools to believe Don Carty and his rah-rah speeches?
On 1/18/2003 9:11:55 AM MiAAmi wrote:

I don't think anyone saw this day coming.
Aloha MiAAi,

Very true. When AA bought TWA I thought of the worse possible outcome for me at the time. That would have been to be stapled to the AA list. At the time I had 1000 TWA F/As under me and AA was planning to hire another 2000. I was saying to myself, even if they do staple us I would still have 3000 below me and with rotating reserve I would be a bit better off. What a differance a couple of years make. Even when I was furloughed 10/1/01 I thought I would be recalled by last summer, being close to number 1 on the recall list. In just another year its worse than anyone imagined. The sad part is its only going to get worse, much worse. There is a chance I wont be recalled to AA before my 5,APFA, or 7, IAM, years recalled rights are up. Or that AMR might declare bankrupcy. Who would of thought that just 2 years ago?

ALOHA, 007