Grass Roots drive for TWU to replace AMFA begins.

12,000 Aviation Maintenance Professionals at American Airlines. How many are at SWA?

“There is no better place to start an aircraft maintenance technician career than at American,” said Evie Garces, American Airlines Vice President of Line Maintenance who began her career as an American AMT at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. “Sometimes, all it takes is a path and the realization that there is a place for you if you work hard and want it. At American, we want the best up-and-coming AMTs to join our more than 12,000 aviation maintenance professionals who each day are responsible for the safety of every customer and team member onboard our aircraft. And more than that, we want to help aspiring AMTs by charting a path like the one established through our growing partnership with AIM.”


Just putting out this friendly reminder here as we wait for this years LM2’s to once again see how much money was paid (suckered) to the SSM&P Lawyers for 2022.

Hey AMFA. I’m curious? Since you didn’t share any details of that latest extension for FSM were you able to expand the group to be more than 50 people?

SWMECH (swamp) care to comment?