Grass Roots drive for TWU to replace AMFA begins.


Oct 20, 2007
I hear the cards are flowing in despite this angry AMFA Member’s objections.

So I asked one very reasonable and respectful question to a post that AMFA made on their Medium site and they removed that question and blocked me? I thought AMFA prided themselves on being this absolutely transparent Union. What a bunch of frauds.

So the TWU represents between 33,000 and 34,000 people at SWA and AMFA only represents around 2600 or so. TWU is all over the SWA system in regards to Stations (Opportunities for people to work) where AMFA is only at a small handful of Stations. I have to wonder if the AMT’s at SWA feel lonely being so far detached from most of their other colleagues at the Airline?

Funny though how AMFA National and AMFA supporters like to claim how much they’re growing under AMFA representation. SMH.
I wonder if the guys in those Conservative locations are going to like that AMFA donates their PAC monies to the Democrats? Chuck Shumer of all people too.

And they really are going out of their way now to keep their members uninformed. Any place they can BLOCK the TRUTH they’re going to make that happen. Not a very transparent organization they’re running I have to say. Hide, Hide, Hide.

If AMFA was such a great and successful Union one would think they would welcome all debates and not instead cower in fear and censor all opposition. The FACTS speak for themselves as they have no real true success for their members. 7F976F99-3DB9-4D82-8324-8EF7E520248A.png
This organization touts up their record of keeping their members informed. Well I wanted to see how good a job they were doing in that area particularly on YouTube. This is what I found from AMFA National. 2 videos from 5 years ago. Only 6 subscribers. And after looking at their Medium and Twitter pages I have to ask if anyone pays any attention to these guys? Every site I find them on is dead.

What exactly are they doing for their membership???????

How many Stations does an AMFA represented Member at SWA have at their disposal as an option to transfer to? At AA for AMT’s the TWU/IAM Association secured 28 Stations. That means that AMT’s through their seniority have the opportunity to choose where they want to work.

How many locations can a member of TWU Fleet Service consider transferring to? Why hasn’t AMFA been able to negotiate to secure more Stations for their members to work in?

The FACTS are simple and obvious. AMFA is not a successful union when it comes to many aspects of their negotiations.
This is from the SWA TWU represented Ramp Contract. Why doesn’t AMFA have language like this? Do AMT’s at SWA like being part of basically a Skeleton crew at the Airline?

Just look at all these places where AMFA represented AMT’s are not allowed to work in due to poor representation. Sad shame.

Just look at all these places where AMFA represented AMT’s are not allowed to work in due to poor representation. Sad shame.

"poor representation"?

Has the TWU forced the company to open MX stations where none existed before? How about where it DID exist before? Is Alliance open again? is the TAESAL agreement back in force?

No all the way around eh?