Has the DEEP FREEZE set in yet ????????

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Aug 20, 2002
Fellow AA fsc''s, what''s going on out there, across the system, as far as x-fering is concerned.
Is there an official system freeze in affect ??
In my little corner of the system, we are still hiring p/t, off the street.
IMHO, once the system freeze goes into effect(if it has,nt happened already),we are all in for a long,long,very long period before any melting occurs, and we''re allowed to x-fer about the system.
This is a time when a guy/gal is better off frozen in a hub, or large station(JFK,BOS,LAX), rather than being stuck, hypothetically, (3rd from the bottom) in a little hole of a station.
Believe it or not, in a strange kind of way, the people in BUF SYR ROC, and ALB, may wind up in a place like(for example) ORD, where, with their seniority, they find that they''re better off(more options).
(having to up-route spouses, homes, kids/schools notwithstanding) !!!!!!!
What going on out there ?????????????
Well at the terminal, at MCI, they have now quit hiring off the street. One F/Ter, and two P/Ter's, have transfered over to MCIE as stock clerks. Also five or six P/Ter's transferred over as both A/C Cleaners, and Parts Washers. Now we hear there will be the equivalent of three F/Ter's laid off. Seven or eight of our P/Ter's are on probation, so we hope they release them instead of cutting more F/T. They also say we will lose ten agents upstairs. All these layoffs, and we are gaining two MCI-LGA trips in October, and another MCI-DFW trip in November. I guess they are trying to boost productivity, which is already way up there. No more reading the paper and having a cup of coffee before going out to work your trip. Punch in, and your busy right away. Oh yeah, we hear MCIE will be loosing a lot of management jobs, but no TWU guys.

From my little hole out West, we just had a p/t transfer to FLL; so there still is no freeze yet.
I'd like to know where all these 9,000 layoffs are coming from. Our union steward said that about 600 were coming from MIA,ORD, and DFW in Fleet Service. I haven't heard anything about any coming from maintenance. Anyone heard of any more layoffs?
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