Herr Bonner asks rhetorically, what''s their alternative?


Dec 8, 2002
Standing proud is my alternative. Bowing down to your callousness, is not!
Some fellow employees, ‘uh, I mean colleagues (as Mr. Siegel now calls us, as if it’ll make our cuts less painful) may feel differently, especially if living in one of the more affordable areas of the country, but as an employee, I mean colleague who lives in one of the most expensive metropolitan areas, to Herr Bronner’s comment I say the following:
...The last cuts placed me in a position in which if it weren''t for family, I would be, living on the street. So if earning even less is something too good to refuse, either you’re out of your mind, have no conscience and likely would steal pencils from a blind man just for kicks. How low would you go? Where do you draw the line at a fair and livable wage? Free? To ask us (actually a strong recommendation, or else) to work at poverty scale, then come back for more! SHAME ON YOU!
Perhaps we should just offer to work as volunteers! Like the candy-stripers in the hospital, perhaps! Or live on the street in rags. And, if we did, the real problems would still exist. For example…
If closing res offices (SAN, MCO, etc) is the right thing to do now because of all the money saved and efficiencies, then this suggests that in earlier years, the expenses and inefficiencies of so many res offices was acceptable! To management, the ones who never noticed the savings of having fewer res offices, until times got bad, when it should have always been important to not be wasteful.
How about this inefficiency… (translation: get more for less), Management talks about efficiency then furloughs agents, many of whom were our best (efficient), brightest, hardest workers. Yet at the same time we don''t lose supervisors, some of whom can’t reissue a ticket, quote a fare rule, are Sabre-challenged and read a hell of a lot of newspapers on the job. How is this efficient?
Should anyone out there be thinking I should just move to a cheaper area. Somewhere like Burlington, Memphis, Asheville? Oops, there now commuter stations. Besides, my moving only shifts the unlivable wage to another.