How many jobs will AA outsource?

MetalMover said:
Speaking of headcount has anyone considered the rush to get a JCBA is to set the stage for more headcount "adjustments" once SOC is approved? Movement of people and/or work from LUS into LAA locations and vice versa?
I suspect the company already has a nice little Joint contract offer in a fat Manilla envelope that targets enough to pass and guarantees the Association X amount of dues payers!

Just an opinion from someone who has seen the tactics of the Rock and the Hard Place for some years!
OldGuy@AA said:
Met a guy today who was RIFFed from AFW a couple of years ago and is an AMTO.  His wife and kids live in Fort Worth and he works in Tulsa.  It sucks bad enough that he is away from his family but he loses $5 an hour too?  Come one TWU you can do better than this.
The TWU cares little about what city it's members live in as long as the dues keep coming in!
AA-MRO.COM said:
 Do you really think the company wants to keep a propaganda spewing machine like the TWU and a workforce with anti company sentiment around?
They made me this way
Could not have said it better myself.
It's a business. Airlines want to maximize profits and unions get creative in maintaining dues. Safety? Fortunately, modern aircraft are more reliable and forgiving. But when they need maintenance out of schedule they bite the bullet and still make money. We AMT'S as a group need to be on the same page. Unfortunately that has never happened. The unions make sure of that.
I wouldn't say more forgiving. More reliable, yes. With the FAA pushing the IAW as the law of the land I would say since aircraft are designed to squeeze out more range and fuel efficiency with technology forgiving is not a word I would use with today's aircraft.