How much multi and actual do I need?


Nov 17, 2002
With my ATP and about 1600 hours...I think I am competitive for a charter jet job. I don''t have much multi time or actual instrument time however. Can anyone tell me how much they had when they got their first big break flyin a small jet in the corporate or charter biz? Thanks!
I had about 2200 hrs with 1000 multi and 300 actual when hired with a commuter. That was competetive then. By the time I was Captain I had 1000 hour first officers. Now that I am laid off from a Major I found it much harder to find a job than the first time around.

You should be able to find a job right seat on a biz jet......however the pay will probably be awful. I got lucky and found a left seat job but most of my fellow furloghees are still selling cars etc. Right now there are a couple of thousand 6000 and 7000 hour guys out there all trying to keep their mortgage payments going so it will be tough.

Don't give up. You might consider looking into a Part 135 freight operator. Your total time is not too bad but in todays market there are gobs of guys out there with a 1000 or more of multi time. An outfit like AirNet or similar will get you a bunch of multi and actual in a hurry. I did a thousand hours of multi in 14 months with a cancelled check hauler. It really helped me in the interviews. Even with the Major I worked for the Captains board liked the 135 background.

Currently I am flying corporate and I can tell you that the Ins. companies are getting tough and requiring more time than in the past. I have a stack of resumes on my desk from high time guys all looking for a seat.

Keep plugging away, There are still jobs to be found. Do Not tie yourself to one geographic location. Be prepared to move long distances if needed.

Good luck to you. It will get better eventually.
Your total time isn't bad but let me give you an idea how tough it can be to get those jet charter or corporate jobs. I am a furloughed airline pilot with 7200hrs, 2500 jet(B737), 2 type ratings. I have talked to a couple charter operations here in MSP and they wont touch me. Why? Because they want pilots with experience in those airplanes(kingair,citation, etc). It costs too much to train someone from scratch. What I recommend is keep trying to build that multi time but take some time to go over to that charter outfit and mingle. Introduce yourself but dont push too hard yet. You will need to work it slowly. Then when a position opens up, chances are, they will remember you and call you. Its all about networking and who you know. I hope this helps. If you need more information on how to interview, resumes, etc, come to my website,

It''s all about networking and who you know.
100% accurate!

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