I cant believe I am saying this but Thanks AA Unions

I want to thank all of our Union members for picketing and showing support for The Company that we all work for. I was at the airport the other day and I hear alot of passengers saying it was a pleasant surprise to see all of AA working together to strive for the success of AA. It feels good when we hear something good about all of us. Instead of unions against management or management against unions. I know we all can pull AA back to the top. With fair and equal treatment

Bob Owens

Sep 9, 2002
Union members have a greater desire to see the airline suceed than the executives. They have repeatedly made sacrifices to help out their airlines while those at the top lavish exhorbitant salaries and perks on themselves.
Post Sept 11 the Unions joined with the airlines in lobbying for the bailouts but after the industry dumped 20,000 onto the unemployment rolls the industry gave those workers and the unions that represented the cold shoulder when it came to unemployment extensions.
If top management was willing to treat their workers "fair and equitably" we would not have the problems we do in this industry. But unfortunately top management is one way. They are selfish, greedy, dishonest and narcisistic. When it comes to emotional intelligence they are retarded.