DOH. VS Original TWA Seniority


Dec 3, 2002
BTW--The industry--including AA--seems to be heading for lean times. While I am hoping for the best--I'd like to point out that sticking together will become more important than ever! Guys--former TWAers really DO have some valuable and innovative experience negotiating improved work rules that do not cost $$--but make flying for a living all the better! My hope is that all the work groups will approach the future with open minds to learn from each other!

I am personally transitioning out of the airline industry--so will not stay around to see what happens.

Just realized--this may get deleted--as it is off the thread....Anyway--Enjoy the Holidays! (& Holiday Inns!)


Aug 20, 2002
Long Island, NY
On 12/11/2002 8:19:48 AM jxcaf wrote:

What I do not clearly understand is why it was necessary to waive the Allegheny/Mohawk language to get the acquisition approved. If anyone here knows the answer to this--I'd appreciate a response. Thanks!

The scope clauses contained more than language concerning seniority integration. The flight attendant contract, for example forbade the company from using foreign nationals. AA used about 750 of them on South American routes, and could not allow that clause to stand.

The point is, waiving articles that require DOH seniority integration does not preclude a seniority agreement. Both the pilots and the mechanics/ramp service ended up with some people getting some seniority, and they both waived their scope clauses as well.



Oct 19, 2002
flydcoop, I'm going to try and address your 3 points on page 1 of this thread. It's very obvious AA had a hand in this bankruptcy, the others in '92 and '95, nah, just continuing bad management. This whole deal hinged on TWA filing it's third and final BK. As far as it being in AA's best interest to train us, yes it is. Right now, they have their hands tied. They can't furlough but up to a certain point in STL. With every overage henceforth that we arent trained, that will create a scenario where they will be operating, without a choice, an overage of f/a's on the AA side. It's time they bite the bullet, train everyone still active, and have a 1 airline operation they can shuffle around as the market adjusts. Lastly, in reference to the APFA membership voicing it's concern on our seniority integration, it's amazing the number of AA f/a's out there I have spoken too that have NO clue what's going on with STL and the TWA f/a's. Seems to me that if they had their voice heard, they would have knowledge on what they spoke up on. It sounds to me like it was a small number of nAAtives that decided to speak on behalf of the majority of the APFA membership, but, all of this is just my 2 cents worth. I hope you are happy to finally recieve a response to your 3 points.