IAM blames APFA and it members. exits f/a coalition

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FA Mikey

Aug 19, 2002
IAM says:
Currently, the IAM belongs to a Flight Attendant Coalition, of which APFA is a member. We have a duty to you and the trade union movement, to refuse to
participate in any activities with a renegade organization that disregards Labor Protective Provisions, that denies the seniority rights of working men
and women. The IAM has advised the other Unions in the Flight Attendant Coalition of their intent to withdraw from the Coalition.
Flight Attendants need one voice to represent them in the Halls of Congress. Only an AFL-CIO Flight Attendant Coalition can provide that voice and
leadership. We have requested the AFL-CIO establish such a Coalition of affiliated unions.
The purpose of sending you this information is to make you aware of the damage an independent organization can do so that you may fully understand
why an AFL-CIO established Flight Attendant Coalition is so vitally important. If someone were to ask you to join or sign a card for an independent organization, remember the TWA Flight Attendants who are furloughed with up to 25 years of seniority as a result of the actions of a
dictatorial independent organization, APFA.
Mike says:
Is this a laugh or what. They are dropping there collective voice, to the detriment of all. Because APFA wont give there own members seniority to the exIAM members. I have to believe, that this joke of a union. Who has done little to nothing for its members. Who''s members views and feelings are expressed on the UAL and USAir boards. Do they represent a single F/A group anyways? NO, The reason they are dropping out is because they have no F/A''s to represent. Since they screwed the ex TW people and have no friends at UAL and U. They need a exit. Blaming APFA seems to work for them. Something IAM does so well.
Poor IAM doesnt way to deal with APFA (the renegade organization that has the best wages in the industry, is the worlds largest independant union. Who just took on 4000 of there members.) IAM doesnt want to work
with the best. How did they say it? A union who disregards Labor Protective Provisions, that denies the seniority rights of working men and women. Lets see wasn''t IAM who wouldn''t talk with AA about the seniority until the 12th hour then agreed to sign it away. What on earth was APFA going to uphold from the IAM contract, in negotaitions with AA. A provision that no longer existed?
IAM claims that there are 25 year TW f/a''s on layoff. Isnt it true that they took voluntray leaves. Again in there attempt to make APFA look like the bad guy. Misrepresentation is not only OK, its the only way (IAM) knows how to operate.
After all that dictatorial independent organization, APFA has done far more to serve it members than IAM could ever hope to.
You might have the best wages, but the benefits add up to alot in a contract. As far as I can see, all AA employee work groups are miles behind the other carriers, and especially to the old IAM/TWA, contracts when it comes to benefits. I know you will find this hard to believe, but the TWA f/a's, after having to pay for insurance, etc., did not get that much of a raise, when compared to actual take home pay. I have said all that I am going to about this and you know I am right, so spout off all you want. You always seem to think you are always right and everyone else is wrong. NOT ON THIS SUBJECT MICKY..
Eveyone who states his or her opinion on this or any other message board believes they are correct. Of course FA Mikey believes he is right. that is stating the obvious.
Lets see I pay 8.23 for medical and another 1.38 for dental a month. I can see how a huge expense like that could wipe out a 40% increase in pay. Other than my 100 dollar deductable I have yet to see an additional bill.
Would somebody contact the Thought Police and put a stop to these free thinking opinions?

On 9/15/2002 1:51:06 PM twaokc wrote:

I have said all that I am going to about this
we now have it in writing, . . . thanks.

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