I''m tired of being bitter

On 3/18/2003 5:38:41 PM eolesen wrote:

Try transferring to management or support staff, where layoff isn't done by seniority...

And then you can use company time and computers to propagate company fear on the internet in exchange for a paycheck! Bravo!
I used to be a good loyal employee. That was before Mr. Carty decided to divide this company by trying the biggest integration of 2 airline workforces ever.
I can''t trust AA anymore, and have decided to move on. Hopefully I will get laid off soon, either with this new contract proposal with unlimited part-time, or by cut backs because of the war. I''m hoping to get at least severance, and my unpaid VC for this year.
I''ve started my new business, and decided to jump in completely.
AA may survive, or may disappear. The big winners will be JBLU, and LUV. That''s why I''ve bought shares of both companies. 100 JBLU at $26 and 100 JBLU at $24 and 350 LUV at $13. there is no way I would invest in any other airline. I still have 1/3 my account in cash in case JBLU or LUV keep falling.
AA was good for me for a while. But at my station there is only about 5 shifts of days with weekends off. I will never get any of those. I have missed so much time with my family over the years by working odd shifts, and I''ve had enough.
Please AA, please lay me off.
With your luck, the (FT) guy , right BEHIND you, will be the last FT-er laid off. leaving you in a situation where you don't even have to fill out a bid sheet !!!!!!!!!!

"Aw", it don't mean SH** anyway !!

FORCE MAJURE(NO "$12,500', "NADA", "ZIPPO"), will be a reality in about 24-48 hours from now, anyway.

"It IS, what it IS" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can''t believe it, but I''m in the money on both LUV and JBLU. A couple of bucks on both.