"In this corner"...............NEWT


Apr 7, 2003
Al they need now is Coulter and they have a trifecta. Seems to me that Ginrich and Limbaigh are the money getters and the folks stirring up the base. With out these two there is no money coming in and no way to fight their back. Were the dems in the same situation, they would have the same type of folks stirring up the base .... Oberman, that Hard Ball guy (Chris Mathews?) or who knows who else. I believe the republicans could do better but it works for them (or seems to) so why not stick with it.

Limbaugh and Ginrich are hypocrites just like any other politician so they fit right in. One of these days we will get rid of the electoral college and kick all these SOB's out of office and replace them with independents. Not sure I'll live to see the day but one has to have dreams.