I''ve got an interview.... now what?!


Apr 12, 2003
I''ve just been invited for a f/a interview and I''m very excited - but I''m wondering if anyone can give me a few hints about what to expect in the interview. I appreciate all of the feedback to a previous post regarding training and base assignments, but I''m trying to focus on the interview process itself. This is my first application for a f/a position and I want to make the very best impression. I''ve got my new suit ready, my LORs are in hand and I''ve been reading up on the company and its culture -- what else should I do to prepare????? Thanks for your help and I hope to be flying with you soon!
The best thing I can tell you is just have fun with it. Know the 5 values- Safety, Caring, Integrity, Fun, Passion. Be yourself, smile a lot, and talk to other people. The jetBlue review is fun. It is just a group interview, but without really feeling like an interview. You will play games, and answer a few questions. The atmosphere is very laid back.