JFK-SYD test flight 10/18/19


Jun 28, 2003
Dallas, TX
Now this is interesting.

1. First test of world's longest (almost 20 hours, 16,200km) non-stop flight to take-off Friday. (First flight is New York to Sydney. I'm guessing departure airport to be JFK.)
2. A/C: brand-new 787-9.
3. Operator: Qantas
4. Test of passengers as well as aircraft. Medical personnel to research physical and emotional impact of such a long flight.

Thoughts (mine):
1. Maybe a successful test will wash some of the mud off of Boeing's nose.
2. I'm a good traveler, but 20 hours???? I think I would have to be medicated.:rolleyes:

Note: According to the article, test flights from London to Sydney are also planned, and Interesting side note: London to Sydney is 1600km longer--17,800km, but will take same amount of time.
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Back in 2005 my wife and I had the pleasure of taking what was then (and may still be) the world's longest commercial flight: Newark-Singapore on Singapore Airlines in business class. Each leg of the round trip was 18-19 hours. Both flights were eastbound so the round trip circled the globe. These were our best flights ever! Lots of pampering, great food, vintage champagne, and plenty of room. Fortunately for the folks not in business class, the other class of service was comparable to today's premium economy but with better service. Taking a flight that long in economy class is not an appealing idea.

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