Jim Little TWU

Its even better, he has a A5 for personal use and his retirement is figured on his intl salary of 240,000+ a year which is exactly why they where so desperate to save the company in 2003 and freeze the pensions today because the intl officers far exceed the PGBC maxium and would have taken a bath.

He is on leave from his job as a dispatcher and he was in managment back in the 70's in New York before he bacame a dispatcher.

He is not on a leave. He is fully retired.
The real question for me, are your officers retiring immediately after their office term expires in order to keep their A5's? I guess some are as quoted above.

Ah, there's the difference.

You said "term expires".

That assumes that those getting the A5's are actually elected, which doesn't really happen in the TWU. The A5's are annointed appointed.

Playing pilot union official seems to be something they do along the way to becoming eligible for a widebody captain slot. I can't recall any APA officer in the past 20 years being near retirement age.