Joe Tiberi,will You Be In Philly On Sept. 9th?


Aug 22, 2002
Cut/paste from another site.

Received: 09/06/03 23:21:06 EDT
Employer: USAirways
Location: DELETED
To “Ernie?â€

I wish I knew what the iam was up to and so do my co-workers. We have no choice but to watch as the iam leads (?) us through this mess but I know for a fact that if we had the cards to file, we’d fire the iam immediately.

The iam Grand Roach was in town last week and though this could end up being the end of all of our careers he didn’t even bother to walk the floor to address the honorable working men and women that pay his salary.
As far as the iam leadership is concerned, we don’t exist, except to pay their dinner bill and airfare/leer jet gas money.

How would this mess be different if we were represented by AMFA?
We would know that the membership’s best interests were the priority.

What do we know right now? That the iam represents the mechanics at TWO of the third party maintenance facilities being considered as options to in house technicians.

In the south we call that “havin more ‘en one dog in the fightâ€.

Like I said here before, I’ll do what my union says to do but the mechanics by no means are “driving this oneâ€, this one, as with all the concessions, is being driven by Dave and Dave. I share the same uneasy feelings that my coworkers have about having the iam asleep at the wheel.

I’m bettin your first name isn’t Ernie and that you have voted yes the past three opportunities the iam has given you to “strike if provokedâ€. Am I right? Errrrrneeeee

Don’t forget to wear your black shirt on the 17th errrrrneeee, this is to commemorate the one year anniversary of the forced concessions/second vote last year.

One last thing,
Two weeks ago Joe Tiberi, the guy that said that Northwest mechanics were isolating themselves by not negotiating concessions with the company, was here in the hanger and he had such a vast knowledge about AMFA that I asked why he didn’t attend our recent info meetings so that he could educate the membership as to the truth about AMFA in front of the leadership of that organization and he said “because I wasn’t invitedâ€.

Joe went on and on spewing his version of the truth about AMFA and at the end of our little conversation he gave me his e-mail address. I cleared it with Terry Harvey then sent Mr. Tiberi an invitation to the AMFA meetings in Philly this week on the 9th. I haven’t heard from Joe Tiberi and it has been nearly two weeks since I sent him his own personal invite complete with this message.

It’s put up or shut op time Joe, I don’t want to hear any lame excuses, you got the e-mail so now it’s time you prove to the membership that your not just another iam liar willing to do anything it takes, including lie to the membership, just to keep his little union job.

If AMFA’s soooo bad, it is your duty to keep the membership from being misled.
Wait a minute, what the? That is why you won’t be at the meeting isn’t it Joe?, Joe?, Joe?

Your silence says it all.


There is not any chance that you will see Joe Tiberi at any AMFA meeting. This is simple to understand.

1). Joe**CONCESSIONS** Tiberi will only visit areas where there is strong IAM support......where all the gullible people are :down: .

2). These same people believe everything that the IAM tells them....they never research anything for themselves. That's why the IAM LIES SO MUCH.....they are seldom called on the carpet over anything. AMFA has changed that for sure :up: .

3). The IAM knows they CANNOT COMPETE WITH AMFA's PHILOSOPHY and rather lay low until AMFA leaves town. That's why you see so little of the IAM higher-up's :ph34r: .

4). Even the IAM knows that any appearance by a Rep willing to debate at an AMFA info meeting would be devestating for the IAM and their cause. B)


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I agree with all of the reasons you stated [ESPECIALLY 2] for why Joe would be a no show. I never thought for a moment that he would. He will no longer be able to use the excuse he wasn’t invited or wasn’t aware of the meetings in Philly. If he was unavailable, and was unable to make it, he could have at least sent someone else to save the members from AMFA. Joe, you let the membership down again. SHAME ON YOU JOE!