Let's Be Real... Obama Is No Lincoln

What fine print?

You mean like this?

“Delta reserves the right to amend, modify or terminate all or any part of its benefit plans in its sole discretion at any time, for any reason. Any such amendments, modification or termination may apply to active employees, inactive employees, retirees, disabled employees, Cobra participants or employees on a leave of absence or furlough and their dependents and survivors. Any amendment or modification may be applied prospectively or retroactively and may be applied only to one group of participants, such as retirees, but not to other groups of participants. This guide is not a contract or guarantee of your benefits….â€￾
All of the Lincoln comparisons really need to stop.
Cut-and-run Obama is no (Republican) Abe Lincoln.
He's just your typical Copperhead like the democrats of 1864.

Although the country's sacrifice was much greater in 1864 when 625,000 Americans lost their lives than in Iraq where we've lost 4,227 Americans, the democratic party and their leader Barack Obama remain the same.

Today's democrats are much like the copperheads of 1864 who quit then, too.

1864 Presidential Campaign
Republican Abraham Lincoln vs Democrat General George McClellan

By 1864, the Country had grown weary of the long and bloody Civil War. Hundreds of thousands of the countries' best and bravest young men had fallen on the fields of Bull Run, Antietam, Shiloh, and countless more. Many began to think that the war was not worth it, and the price of freedom too great. The Republican Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln thought no price was too great for the abolition of slavery and the creation of a society in which a man was not judged by the color of his skin. Unfortunately, after four long years of war, Lincoln's support was dropping fast, and people were looking for a way out of the war. Sounds familiar doesn't it?

With this backdrop, the Democratic Party chose General George McClellan to be their Presidential Candidate at the Chicago National Convention in 1864. The Democratic Party Platform presented a plan of "Compromise with the South", which became known as "The Chicago Platform". While on its surface the Chicago Platform was seductive in that it promised an immediate cessation of hostilities, and a restoration of the union. What was unsaid in the platform, but clearly implied, was that the "compromise" would be to agree to make permanent the institution of slavery in exchange for an end to the Civil War and restoration of the Union. In other words, the Democratic party was ready to "Sell Out" the enslaved, in order to stop further loss of white lives.

Since Lincoln's birthday was yesterday I thought I would revisit this post. Mainly to point out the dishonesty of dapoes.

What dapoes failed to mention regarding Abraham Lincoln is that he opposed the war with Mexico. Dapoes also failed to point out the errors in the blog which he posted a link to. One of the errors was that Geroge McCllelan was a Copperhead Democrat. The truth of the matter was he was not. Not only that but dapoes failed to point out that McCllean rejected the platform of the Copperhead or "peace" democrats.

You know dapoes this information is not that hard to find. So either you are lazy or just dishonest.
Eliminate the insane war on drugs and free up BILLIONS by closing prisons, reducing law enforcement and all of the costs involved in controlling the lives of consenting adults. We tax cigarettes and booze so why not Pot, Cocaine, Heroin? Remember there are more drunk driving deaths in one years then all of the drug overdoses since records have been kept. Sins Taxes make money. Insane wars on drugs cost money with little if any measurable results. Treat them all for what they are, public health issues.

Thought you would appreciate this, Piney.
I don't hate anyone actually. I choose to believe things when I see it, not just content with words and promises. Especially from politicians (who have no experience). The overwhelming gushing over a elected official is creepy. This isn't American idol. You may have blind faith in elected officials but not for me.

i think you confuse hope with the term blind faith ....

Obama is doing everything he can to save the economy , but it's just not going to happen .... you can't save someone who's already dead .
The IRS is the modern day incarnation of the KGB, Stasi and the Gestapo. The primary difference is people only get marched into psychological ovens and gulags which often is a fate worse then death.

The IRS cannot do anything that Congress has not legislated. PERIOD. Every little regulation in the Internal Revenue Manual was passed by Congress. Every tax, every enforcement, every rule. The laws change as often as daily, with no fewer than one change per week. This proposed punitive taxing of the AIG bonuses? Do you really want the IRS to be able to selectively tax a specific, small sector? How many of you know people who think that is a good idea, just because the bonuses were wrong? Those same people do not realize they are facilitating government control of citizens through punitive taxation.
As a matter of fact, almost anything you can blame on "government" has been put in place by Congress. If you do not agree with the way the government is run then change it. Vote all incumbents out. Pay attention to all the little add-ons to the little bills. Vote all incumbents out until your voice is heard. Break the big government stranglehold and clean house.
I don't hate anyone actually. I choose to believe things when I see it, not just content with words and promises. Especially from politicians (who have no experience). The overwhelming gushing over a elected official is creepy. This isn't American idol. You may have blind faith in elected officials but not for me.
I agree that "gushing" over an elected official gets pretty scary. As someone who typically votes democrat, I didn't quite get the adoration with Obama.

But, it comes from both sides ..so many republicans were gushing over Palin the minute her nomination was announced, and I'm willing to bet the majority had never even heard her name until that moment.
Thanks, It's always nice to be in the good company with my viewpoints.

Harvard is pretty good company and it's sad that the ploitical class can't see the forest for the trees

Unfortunately, not everyone with Harvard pedigree is in your company.

In Obama's virtual town hall meeting, Obama was asked: "Will you consider decriminalizing the recreational/medical use of marijuana(hemp) so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and a multi-billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?" Obama answered, "The answer is no, I do not think that is a good strategy to grow our economy."