Lost chance for revenue


Aug 19, 2002
I''m sure this is happening around the system, but its something that someone needs to look into and stop. [BR]Saturday after Thanksgiving and I am working a full 733 to DCA. Booked to 10/117 holds 12/114. There is a party of 5 booked on the plane that had not checked in an hour before flight time. The name- USCREW. When I called crew tracking to see where this crew was coming from, they told me there was no crew scheduled to deadhead on this flight. This reservation for [STRONG]5[/STRONG], was booked back on Oct 28th. This is 5 Y seats we''ve had held as unsellable for over a month and there isnt even a crew scheduled to take this flight anymore. Who is respsonsible for cancelling out these reservations and opening up REVENUE PRODUCING seats to sell? As it was, the crew was the only people to noshow and I put on 5 nonrevs. Imagine that. We could have had a couple of hundred dollars more if someone were held accountable to make sure unneeded deadhead reservations get cancelled. Just think about the $ possibility systemwide on a daily basis where this is happening. Anyone care to answer or do you just want me to fork over my next paycheck to make up the difference?