Maybe this is why we are taking paycuts

Aug 20, 2002
On Friday had a family of eight, check in on time, they had to return their rent a car and purchase snacks for the five kids, departure time they were not there, tied up now in security, they arrived when flight had just departed, was in the air.....Pax advised me I better get ahold of the aircraft and advise they need to turn around and land to pick them up....Well I didn''t do it, now wish I would have.......Pax (Father) advises me that one of the kids with him, their Father is the seventh most important man in the US and he will pickup the phone and call someone......Anyway these pax were on nonrefundable web site tickets and the only other flight out that afternoon was DL, which only had Full First class seats, refused to endorse ticket over to them at this cost, Next day everyone including us was full and advised pax they would have to of my Agents received a phone call from one of our VP, he advised the Agent, he did not care what it COST USAIRWAYS, or if it was the Customers fault, make sure you get them on a flight.....well it cost US, but they were put on a flight home next day.....VP also advised he only reports to DAVE, refused to give his cell phone number to reach him, but did give his lotus email address.....TRUE STORY and very SAD......I know for fact this was the VP that called, but he did advise, he answers to no one except DAVE
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No his name was something that started with a B, I can''t recall the exact last name, but if I still have a job tomorrow, promise I will post his name, have it written down.....He did advise the Agent he will deal with me latter, I was very nice to this Customer, VP even said I don''t care if the pax was wrong, just make sure he get''s on flight, no matter what it cost US....didn''t we all take a paycut, but now I am being told, basically call back an aircraft, no matter what the fuel cost is and the other one hundred and twenty passengers on that flight care, which I did not, but now I am having to deal with this stuff, actually sh t.. I can promise the company I will never have an aircraft leave on time, if I am missing one person or five...will sit in wait for anyone, that person staying at the bar, could know someone to call a vp.....It would have been cheaper to have the aircraft return, then what we had to pay out......
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I promise this is a true story, no I did not have the aircraft turn around, but what I am now being advised, I should have......very few flights out of the location that I am at.......I promise I will post this Mans name, which it was a Man, VP....that has advised all of this......
Let me guess..was his initials JG...or rather that can't be cause DS answers only to JG...hell everyone answers to JG.
How about JH? OR DM, or CC or BA. Close? How about AC...yea AC right?
OH MY!? This PAX wants to know who this VP is. Who the heck does he think he is? Can''t he get to the airport on time just like his PAX?? Give us a name and I will make sure that I email and call Dave personally to ask him to remove this VP immediately.

I''m sure this VP would have the plane turn around for me and every other PAX that misses their flights. Who does he think he is?
Here''s another take on this situation...

If the guy is SOOO important ..why would he buy
such restrictive tickets...sounds like they were
hotwire, priceline or bulk ticket fare....

I think some folks think that these security times
don''t apply to them. In res, we quote the recommended
check in times..only to be told ...I know better..

Since the peace of mind has been horrible
in reservations. Everyone thinks their situation
warrants no change fee and it has just opened up
a huge deluge of irate passengers. They are pulling
out their unused tickets from the last six months
trying to use them now. Along with the terrible
reissue program ..which takes many more minutes and
tons more keystrokes...the job is getting worse not
more efficient...what''s going on Dave????
I see this kind of stuff everyday on the counter, I was under the assumption that waivers were discontinued. However, I have been seeing more and more records with waivers codes on them from our "Consumer Affairs" dept. Just this week I have seen.
Expired tickets honored.
Outbound date changes with no change fee or add collect.
Name Changes.
and the list goes on......
In all my time with the Company, I have yet to see a flight return to the field to pick up anyone that missed their flight for ANY reason.....EVER. This is not a decision that can be made by a station in the first place. OCC must make the call on something like this.
While there''s probably no excuse for the kind of activity described, as an aside, commenting on something someone posted, it''s been my observation over the years that people with money often buy the cheapest tickets available. Maybe that''s why they have it.
I really dont see what the big deal is...there are exception to every rule and management can still overrides existing rules..
If a VP calls and tell you to confirm a flight for a passenger..take his name and document the record by saying VP ABC authorized a copy of the record for yourself in case it comes back in a few weeks.
Oh yeh next time tell the VP you need the number to verify who they are :)

Anyway after a plane takes off I doubt if you could contact the plane ..without getting the tower involved.

On Friday had a family of eight, check in on time..."

I''m a bit confused -- they checked in on time. Was no attempt made to find 8 missing customers at a small station that doesn''t have very many flights per day? Something isn''t adding up here.

None the less there''s no excuse for a VP intervening as described. If there''s going to be a "no exceptions" policy then it should be enforced. Especially by the bozo who dreamed it up. Otherwise why wouldn''t I feel entitled to make a stink the next time I''m being subjected to some silly rule? From the sounds of things I spend more on my tickets than the 7th most important man in the US (I''d have to guess that this was either the House or Senate Democratic leader...) so it would make better business sense for US

I''d like to know who the self-important blowhard was -- he needs to be made sensitive to the plight of us ordinary voters when we''re faced with these rules. We don''t get to call a VP and have the world move for us and he shouldn''t either. This incident should be made public.
If this guy truly was the "seventh most important guy" (who is the sixth anyway, the Senate Prez pro tem????) then he should know the security precautions.

I ain''t important but I am a dad. No way I''m going to return to a rented car to retrieve snacks.

You folks sure are jittery -- simply that you entertained the thought of turning the plane around is astounding!

Please post this guy''s name. If he did in fact threaten you then I know his superiors would be interested.

But this story is not accurate. No parent is going to drag eight rugrats to the gate and back. No way period.
Well, if the plane did have to be turned around and come back to pick up this disfunctional family, I would have been sure to make sure everyone on that plane knew the reason they were returning. I''m sure the Captain would have some choice words for the VP who ordered it, as well as the arrogant passenger.

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