Mitt Romney


Nov 30, 2009
Check this out. If you think you'll get less government voting for Mitt Romney. Best read below,

Report: Romney Is Clear Favorite of Washington Lobbyists
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WASHINGTON - Republican presidential front-runner Mitt Romney has cast himself as an outsider to Washington's political gridlock, and his rivals as insiders who have been part of the problem in the nation's capital.

But when it comes to financing his campaign, Romney has courted a key symbol of Washington's establishment: its lobbyists, the quietly powerful forces who are hired to try to influence government decisions.

And like financial titans on New York's Wall Street, the political insiders on Washington's K Street are investing heavily in a potential match-up between President Barack Obama and Romney.

Nearly 390 registered lobbyists and lobbying political action committees (PACs) have contributed more than $1.5 million to Romney's campaign and Restore Our Future, the independent Super PAC that backs Romney, according to a Reuters analysis of filings with the Federal Election Commission and the Senate Office of Public Records.

The tally is far more than what any other Republican candidate or his Super PAC has received.

On the Democratic side, Obama has distanced himself from lobbyists, but his re-election effort is not free from lobbying interests, according to the filings.
Balance of Story

I don't hate Barack Obama or Mitt Romney as they both seem to be decent men. Now if their Political Beliefs were the sole criteria of acceptance I hang them both personally. However they are only a symptom of the disease plaguing not only the United States but the so called Free World. We are as a world swimming in Keynesian cesspool of debt and fiat currency controlled by Central Banks. We either borrow or print money to give to the rich and give our Grandchildren the bill. Funny thing is you don't hear Sanitarium, Gingrich or Mitt speaking out on it, Where are the so called "Family Values" folks? Is it a "Traditional Family Value" to run up a debt so large to to fund your lifestyle and goals? The leaving your kids and grand kids, gran-kids to pay your bills? Where is Dobson & Robertson and the like on this topic?

On a final note,I firmly believe that the "Liberty Movement" currently championed by Dr Paul offers those who draw a paycheck and often make their living by the sweat of their brow the last best hope for our nation. whether Dr Paul wins or loses is of little consequence. After the desire to eat and procreate is the desire to live Free so in the end the Liberty Movement will prevail. I just hope Dr Paul lives long enough to see it. Dr. Paul may never reside at the White House but I think he might spend a great deal of time there visiting his son Rand.