More Time for Judge Lane

Is the information that the TWU has seen to substantiate those claims so confidential that it cannot be shared? If so what's so important about those revelations?

Rumor has it Timco wants nothing to do with our demanding standards. Wouldn't the compAAny have more leverage, since they know we don't believe a word they say, just reveal who has claimed they would be able to handle the work?

They proposed 35% or whatever it is, not us. I thought they had the leverage in BK to get whatever they wanted. I believe they want to do the majority of what they have now, have the contractual leverage to layoff at will as the fleet renews and the checks get extended, and have enough mechanics left over to cover hailstorms, birdstrikes, AD mods, and light checks. It's just a shame they can't run their maintenance programs like the MRO's, pay enough to keep the good help, retain the control they desire, and make a few bucks like Delta TechOps.

It remains to be seen if M&R provides the company with $210M in cost savings per year. The mechanics voted NO to re-arranging of the pie. The company can easily get that and more by abrogating the agreement. However, NO CONSENSUAL AGREEMENT will be reached unless that cost savings pie is reduced and some of those savings stay in the mechanics pocket.

As far as the "me too" clause.......Vote the TWU out, and when AMFA or AMP negotiates have them place a stipulation in the agreement that says, "WE will NOT share our portion of the pie with anyone that voted YES to the LBO!"
IF the current percentage of outsourced work is 20%, then yes the amount will be 55%. The current 20% plus the new 35% equals 55% even when I use my calculator to add it up.
Unless you have a current MANHOUR number, which I bet nobody in the TWU has, then who knows what the actual number will initially be. My understanding is that there is zero quantification on the current total amount (%) of work leaving. There is not even an agreement if the current scope is in Dollars or Manhours. So who knows?
The current OSS formula is 10% of total maintenance spend, not MHs so you are adding apples and oranges. First error.

Second error, the 35% is based on total manhours from DOS forward. The TAESL work that is done for others is excluded from the calculation as stated in the language. AA does maintain labor man hours for all checks and it has been provided many times to the TWU.

You need to slow down and read the language posted. The language clearly states MHs and the RO Committee always uses dollar figures. Read the RO report the TWU gets it every month and it is in dollars and has been for years. You are so caught up in trying to prove your argument you lost track of the facts.
First thing I do work the line. I have suffered negative effects, I lost a week of vacation, holidays, and sick pay just like you. I work the floor. Bob you will not suffer any negative effects from your recommendations to vote no but you definitely will bask in the glory after we get pay raises once the judge does away with overhaul. All those overhaul, line, and facility jobs lost so you could further your personal agenda of higher line pay at the expense of everyone else's job.

Scab Fair TWU lackey straw man argument.