Most Americans have no idea what they are in for?

BTW, is the DOW going to 14K attributable to the Obama economy?

The Dow is an international indicator. If company A sux in the US but makes record profits in China, Europe and the world, it has nothing to do with Obama. Oh wait, yes it does because he is selling us out! Enjoy your $4/hour eqivalent wage that pays for butkis!
Enjoy the market ride for now. Unemployment dropping in January is due to the Christmas help in Nov./Dec. Enjoy the lower unemployment for now, but numbers lie because there are still record numbers out of work. Many no longer qualify for unemployment benefits, proving figures lie...much like Wikipedia :p

You didn't just mention............................WIKIPEDIA !............did you ?
Great Minds discuss concepts
Average mimds discuss events.
SMALL minds discuss people

Ponder that as you attack people here. Attack their beliefs all you like. But some of what I see here is way way over the line.
Thanks for playing. I knew you would bite...

The rate actually went up dude:

Unemployment Rate Ticks Up to 7.9 Percent

No problem many times I tell you read before you react?

Fact is, yes the unemployed numbers have risen....

Fact is the total number of unemployed available in the workforce has decreased.

So the workforce is shrinking and the unemployment rate is rising. That spells bad juju for this administration.
BTW, is the DOW going to 14K attributable to the Obama economy?

What? What? I can't hear you................

The Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled more than 100 points, led by Travelers and Merck. Last week, the Dow finished above the psychologically-important 14,000 level, boosted by an encouraging U.S. jobs report.

They're talking to the psychologically effected Quags......look in the mirror.