New low for the TWU...IMO

How about we join the stock clerk's union. They max out at 6 weeks of vacation and get full sick time pay.......... Wait, we are in the stock clerk's union..............TWU gets it wrong again. But the I-Team is out in force wondering why we are angry. Let's start another AMFA card drive now.
The problem is the I team is out of touch, with the extra 10 hours a week added to their paychecks they make more than any elected President and a lot closer to what WN mechanics earn than we do, it comes out to over $42/hr. Keep in mind those wages are also subject to the 401K match as well. So when Mssrs Vanderloo, and Oryiano come around and start bad mouthing the people you elected challenge them to show you their paychecks and explain the extra earnings. At least with those you elected and even most other appointed TWU staff you can see it on the LM-2, their kickbacks are hidden. .
So basically the APFA got 9% 401k match for its members over 50, plus got everything back that they gave up in BK, and we got a 4.3% raise and gave up profit sharing, me too. And are going to lose even more work and jobs. I think we could have gotten that without paying union dues.

The question is, are AAs negotiators that good or is the TWU that bad. Based on the APA and APFA, and the troubleshooting chart. It points to one component.
That bad, but Little and his quislings did that all on their own, never even bothered with the sideshow negotiations or any of the councils. Its sad that under Littles leadership we actually pay a penalty for being in a Union, our compensation is actually much lower than our non-union peers at Delta and Jet Blue. You not only probably could have gotten that, you likely would have gotten more.
Maybe it walked out after gear retraction or upon gear exstension. if that bolt sheared you think there would have been a piece still in the attach point on the gear but maybe not ...Looks like they used the old gear with a new drag strut and bolt to get it all the way in the hanger. Not much going on around the airplane I guess they are hammering out the numbers and who will do the work.
Well they should find pieces on the runway at any rate, the parts on the gear would likely fall out, the piece in the drag brace is longer, that may have stayed in even with all the bumping around, did you get to see that? Dont know if you saw the Video but is sonds like they didnt land on the mains, roll out, then touch down on the nose , just one thump.
CS policy
OT rules
Jump seat privileges

Are all things that are in the Pilot's and FA's contract, even in bankruptcy.
Meaning the company cannot change them whenever they feel like it.
But yet our union dealing with the same company can't get such protections
For us. But they have the tenacity to conspire with the IBT to fend off AMFA.
Also they have to conspire with the IAM not to go through an election .

The TWU can use tricks to manipulate federal laws to keep out AMFA, but can't
Figure out a way to represent all mechs not just OH, who are going to get the worst
of the bk contract as they are forced to LAX, and ORD.

The lows just keep coming.

We have a very liberal CS policy, no thanks to the TWU.
Non-union is the way to go! IMO
14% company contribution to the pilots 401k
9.9% match to the FAs 401k

Why do we pay union dues?

Oh ya, the TWU saved OH?

Except for 777, 787, 757, and a319, 320, and 321.

We are shrinking our OH, and SWA is hiring more mechs for their OH.
Bigjets, you hit the nail on the head. The TWU won't negotiate anything for an AMT, that they won't for a part time baggage handler. That my fellow AMT, is exactly what happens in negotiations. On the other hand, AMTs are fair game to get screwed out of sick time, or vacation. Jumpseat privileges - now there is a fine example of the TWU playing favorites. Somehow it's ok for a flight dispatcher to be jumseat qualified - all that for a 12 week night school course for a job that could be done with a cell phone app. How is it that a Sim Tech makes more than an AMT? One works in a climate controlled environment on pretend airplanes, the other - out in all weather extemes, all times of the day or night - on live trips on equipment that if it fails people could die. That is what TWU logic gets us, or for that matter IBT and IAM are both guilty of the same.