New Schedule Oct 31


Aug 20, 2002
I know a lot of city pairs see a reduction in frequencies with the new schedule, but how many lose N/S service all together?

The only example I can find is MHT-MCI. The one daily is gone with the new schedule, but MHT-PHL gains one additional, so no net loss in daily flights for MHT.

Interesting to see that PVD-MCI is still around in the new schedule. It becomes a direct to LAS. I think that is the main reason for the flight.
I saw a big cut in BWI-ORF, two or three flights. MCI-MDW lost 4 I think. All the intra-Florida markets lost 1-2 flights. ABQ lost about 6-7 flights net.

Also, I think DAL-HOU/OKC/TUL lost 2 each.
New Orleans went from 61 to 56 flights

MCI lost at least two (MHT, LAX). That flight now goes MHT - PHL - LAX before it went MHT - MCI - LAX.

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