NMB Representational Eclection to Proceed


Jan 20, 2003

National Mediation Board (NMB) Announces Union Election to Proceed

(See April 16th Hotline message for details.)

PFAA Press Release

Election to be Held for Northwest Airlines Flight Attendants

Minneapolis, MN--April 16, 2003--The National Mediation Board today confirmed that the independent Professional Flight Attendants Association has made a sufficient showing of interest to require an election to determine if the incumbent Teamsters will continue to represent the flight attendant group. Under NMB procedures, such elections may only be held where the challenging union has submitted authorization cards from a majority of the affected employee group. As a matter of law this confirms that the majority of Northwest flight attendants want an opportunity to be represented by a different union. We are confident that this same majority will confirm their views in the final election. It''s another great day for grassroots independent unions, stated PFAA spokesperson Gary Helton.

The flight attendants are currently represented by IBT Local 2000, however, the Teamsters International removed the entire Local 2000 Executive Board, elected by the flight attendants, after they refused to bring the PFAA members up on charges. PFAA interim vice president, Jose Ibarra stated It''s hardly a convincing argument for the Teamsters to say you should work within the system, when the flight attendants'' duly elected officers are removed on the orders of Mr. Hoffa. In sworn testimony, Teamster Airline Coordinator, Ray Benning, conceded that the imposition of a trusteeship on Local 2000 has hurt the IBT position in the on-going election campaign.

PFAA''s filing represents a growing trend towards independent unionism in the airline industry. Recent examples include the Southwest Airlines Mechanics leaving the Teamsters for the independent Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association, and the United Mechanics filing cards with the NMB to displace the International Association of Machinists.

PFAA is an independent union not affiliated with the AFL-CIO. For more information visit their website at www.pfaa.com or call their Administrative Offices.