Bankruptcy Court Rules to Abrogate Flight Attendants Agreement

Well PTO is reportedly training to be a scab F/A, now that his scab mechanic gig is up. :shock:

He will be doing double SCAB duty. If something he tries to fix on the ground breaks; he will be in-flight take care of it ;) . This is a disaster waiting to happen :shock: .

As for all of the UNIONIZED NW F/A's...

You voted with over 80% to STRIKE if the judge abrogated your CBA. Then practice what you preach and STRIKE at the end of the 14 days!
As it was predicted almost exactly a year ago during the AMFA strike, the F/A's would be in the same position as the AMT's.

We warned so many F/A's on the picket line that ignored us on the way to the hotel; "YOUR NEXT"!!!

Its too bad the labor goups can't stick together, sure would be a much different outcome for the beleaguered workers.

Coordinate the Messaba and Scab Air F/A strikes.....and Dougie Stealin' and his band of misfits are finished.

Don't give management any time....STRIKE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!!!!

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