Now Spirit gets into the headlines

Court orders pilots back to work:

Apparently, the two sides are far apart:

In its lawsuit, Spirit said the parties are in agreement on 22 out of 31 sections of a new collective bargaining agreement but remain “far apart” on pay rate issues.

The unionized pilots have asked for more than $1.9 billion in wages, retirement benefits, profit-sharing and retroactive pay over a five year period, while Spirit has proposed a package worth more than $440 million, the company asserted in its court filing.

Spirit said its offer would result in a 30 percent pay hike for the pilots at the signing of the new contract.

Best thing that could happen to the airline industry (and to the employees of the other airlines) would be the bankruptcy and shutdown of Spirit, the worst airline of the bunch.
Wow! With the numbers you provided they are about 1.5 Billion in cost apart. That it huge difference. When our Pilots and co. were at differences in cost all in, the Pilots told the shareholders that they were 110 million apart. The shareholders response was, that's nothing. But to be 1.5 Billion apart and at Spirit? Yea that is huge. I do agree that we (airline industry, passengers and employees) would be much better off without Spirit around anymore. Now, on that point, Maybe JB could step in and purchase them so they can merge into a larger airline for growth and expansion? Just thinking out loud here.