NRA prez calls Obama a fake President

4-year-old boy accidentally shoots, kills Iraq War veteran dad in Arizona


Kind of a harsh way to do it but I guess you can fix stupid. Shame the child will have to live with this for the rest of his life due to the colossal idiocy of his father.

Read the story again, moron. I posted it in Another School Massacre thread. The father and child were visiting a friend that was the gun owner. Details are still sketchy as to what really happened, but apparently there was idiot-ism involved in letting the child get close to A LOADED GUN!
Signals. Guess you missed the part where I mentioned my brothers guns. He has a lot. He's never seen the need to own an assault rifle.
But Quaggy never specified if he has assault weaponry :p

I'm sure he has grasped the concept of To control the One you control them ALL regulation :p