NRTP System Access Manager


Aug 19, 2002
Puget Sound
Trying to register with System Access Manager and it is asking for a location.  What location is used for retirees?  No phone number for help on letter they sent asking me to register to be able to access NRTP.  Any ideas?
Seatacus said:
Too late..... I am already at the back of the bus.  What am I thinking, I will never get on a flight as a non-rev.  
The company 'giveth' and the company 'taketh' away... :p
(with a kiss from the unions)
So much for the allure of rainbows and buttercups.
Good for the folks before 'us' but be comforted in the fact the next gen will be getting even less.
Throw us under the bus today for the crumbs that they will never have....
Too Bad... So Sad....
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I dont fly much  but I recently flew and had some SD1V which is a higher priority then SD2E   but I ended up flying as SD2E bec they had blacked out the avail SD1V
Anyone else having trouble seeing all flights in a given market? PHX-DFW has 12 flights try finding all 12 on the NRPT is a challenge. Just show me all the damn flight and in chronologically order.
It is set to show 10 flights only, you have to change it to show more. It's still better than the USAir travel page. That thing is not user friendly. Everything is hidden on that site. Why? Make it easy to navigate. Oh wait. It only has one more day left. I just had to use it and it sucks.
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I think the wings non-rev site is better than the AA site. Wings pulls up the desired date and one can go ahead up to 2 days or back up to 2 days to check loads. Also the feature allowing up to 10 flights on a list for easy pull up to check loads and available seats is nice and fast. It seems quicker and easier to navigate. I guess I will have to get used to the AA site and wasn't there some talk about a new non-rev site incorporating the best of both sites?  
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Yes, but who's idea of best is debatable. By the way, what's so hard about NRTP when looking at loads? It very clearly tells you how many seats in each cabin and what is sold in each cabin plus the total seats sold and total seats avbl. For those clueless folks out there, they even color code it green, yellow, red or black. Much clearer than the USAir site. I will say, that the ONLY feature I wish NRTP had was the forward and back tabs. However, when I non rev, I'm apparently not too flexible as I know when I want to come and go. So, while the feature is nice, it is completely worthless to me. Being able to check loads and check in from the home page is so much easier on NRTP. No need to fish through multiple pages of hidden links to find the correct page.
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Having used both platforms, I still prefer the US system... the date tabs are much easier to review various travel days, the ability to consider different flights are a breeze with the segment tabs, and I liked that the US program also automatically provided non-hub city connections, such that I could consider PHX-IND/DEN/MCI/STL/PIT/MSP-CLT.  With the AA system, I need to tell the program of my desired connecting hub, and non-hub connections would be a trial and error grind.  I also liked US website providing the authorized number of seats for sale as it gives me some ideas as to the expected number of no-shows.
Granted the listing of passengers and the cost estimator are cleaner, along with check-in, but I spend comparatively less time on listing and printing boarding passes than attempting find whatever few open flights might be available.
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