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Aug 19, 2002
Puget Sound
Today I tried to help a customer who lost a seat next to her companion and failed to get a seat together. The seat change occurred beacause of a an aircraft switch. I explained as best as I could and was unable to please this lady. The next thing from her mouth was that she was never flying this airline again ( if only I had i nickel for everytime I heard that). I then explained that we try to serve as best as we can but if she was unhappy we would be sad to lose her as a customer. Boy, did she let me have it( maybe because I acted like I wanted her to go elsewhere). She took my name , my Mgrs name, told me she was a doctor, etc.,etc., etc. My queation is if we have oversold flights and warehouse prices and self service kiosks, do you think the company really cares about losing a few grumpy customers. So they threaten to leave,we have another customer in the wings waiting to pay $200.00 to fly round trip transcon. Tell me, on this scale are a few grumpy''s leaving a viable threat to our bottom line? Do you think the company cares?
The commitment to Customer Service is long since gone. Perhaps if Stephen Wolfe focused on growing
the airline and making us a viable competitor instead of trying to sell us off to UA, we wouldn''t be in the shape we''re in today.
It's apparent that your current plan is not working and will be your downfall!

Are you hearing this .....Just call me Dave. Who's running customer no service into the ground. Just think Dave...
Why doesn''t USAirways simply do what Southwest does and not issue assigned seating. Then this problem wouldn''t have happened. The responibility of the passenger wanting to sit beside her partner would then be placed solely upon them. Of course the passenger would need to show up to the ticket counter 90 minutes prior to departure to ensure they are in passenger group A.
On 7/15/2003 11:30:36 PM Hello Newman wrote:

The commitment to Customer Service is long since gone. Perhaps if Stephen Wolfe focused on growing
the airline and making us a viable competitor instead of trying to sell us off to UA, we wouldn''t be in the shape we''re in today.

How exactly does the "commitment to Customer Service" relate to the factual inability to sit one passenger next to another? Really.
It sounds like that PAX was a witch. Who cares if she is a Dr. Why being a Dr. allows her special treatment for seating. I understand problems when there is a switch in aircraft types, and everybody does their best to minimize the problem. I don''t think statements like "I will never fly you again" i meaningful. I say it almost everytime I fly UA, but they are the only people who fly to some places I go, so there is no option. Other just fly on the cheapest fare they can find. IMHO, it is just an idel threat, and not to worry because they are not a loyal cuatomer, and that is what mgt wants, not the people who fill the cheap seats once a year.

Management does care about cutomer service, but cutbacks have hurt that at US and other airlines as well. As a CP who flies on full fare tickets, I am always treated very very well, when problems occur. Even though they probably won''t admit it, there is a pecking order to problem solving, such as your position on a standby list if you are re-routed due to a problem. If they did not care, this pecking order would go away.

It is unfortunate that you cannot give all the customers the level of service you would like to, or did in the past. But that is the state of the entire industry. You can list things that US does not do today for it''s cutomers that it once did. I probaly give you lists that are longer from other airlines I fly, just some different items.

I am getting off track, but my point is; I think management does care about customer service, but the level people will accept, and willing to pay for is changing. As a frequent flyer I don''t like it, but as a businmessman I do understand why airlines are changin. When I did own retail stores, there were customers I wished they would go away because they only purchase items on sale, and wanted better service than the customers who paid full price. I was just covering my costs, and sometimes it was not worth the effort of dealing with a difficut to breal even, and I still did make a profit

Its time to do what Herb Kelleher would do with abusive passengers. Tell them to leave, because they''re business is not wanted. In short....screw them.

Denver, CO

PS.....Dave ''Bugsy'' Siegal and his bunch of merry mgt. clones dont have the human decency to do whats right for their employees. So just take care of yourselves.

You did your job. Ms. DOCTOR can fly someone else. And will probably scream at someone there too when she gets pissed off about a minor matter. This US1 will make up for all of her future ticket purchases anyway.

I again have had a wonderful experience this week with a change in flights and the agent made it possible for me to get the flights I needed to get home. Does being a US1 help? Maybe. But so does a pleasant attitude. Thanks Sharon in PIT.

BTW, in another posting I made it known that I had 2 great F/A''s on my trip to and from AMS. I emailed Consumer Affairs and I did get a very nice reply back. Actually the most personal email I''ve ever received from them. They noticed what I had to say.

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