Openings at MCIE

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Aug 20, 2002
Bags, I would have thought so myself, but evidently not.

One thing is for sure, once the RIF does hit, we'll be "frozen" in place for a looooooong time.

So if ANYONE is sitting on the fence(as far as xfering is concerned), you need to get your paper work in YESTERDAY !!

About 5 or 6 transfers came through today for FSC''s at MCI transfering to Title 1 jobs at MCIE. I figured there would be a freeze on right now with the pending RIF, but I guess not.
Just spoke with Ruth in the transfer office MCIE this is true, openings for 6 parts washers and 9 aircraft cleaners have been filled. If you dident have your transfer in your toooooo late.
From what has been posted on jetnet, the m&e website, the only TWU hiring freeze is at the line stations. Overhaul is not frozen. In fact, I believe they either are or were planning to hire off the street for AFW.

If you are TWU and want to transfer, get to an "atab" set and put it in. Keep the confirmation slip when completed.

If you get bumped from M&E and still retain title time in another group, you'll just return to your former position. That is, if your senior enough to hold it. Good Luck.
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