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La Li Lu Le Lo

May 29, 2010
Many times I have stated on this forum how much I loathe temporary services.

They have become nothing more than a way for companies to source an illegal workforce and drive down wages. These companies take the lowest bid from temporary agencies who in in turn pay their agents (temp workers) low wages so they can generate a profit. There is no hope of getting hired on, working up, or even getting raises because the client company considers non skilled and semi skilled labor as disposable regardless of experience or productivity. The treatment of these people is abusive to say the least.

There is something fundamentally wrong when someone works for a company for over a decade as a "temporary" with no raises, no benefits, no retirement, not even a competitive wage.

If UNIONs really want to make a case for the necessity of UNIONs they need to show the public this B.S.. They need to shine a big bright light on it.

Watch the video. This is some third world **** right here in our country. Instead of Fight for 15 people should be protesting to ban these temp services. Please encourage people not to do business with these parasites.

Please watch the video. If you are an American worker you really need to understand how bad this situation really is.

If unions cared about there workers they wouldn't be one of the biggest pro illegal and open boarder immigrant groups out there now.
If unions cared about there workers they wouldn't be one of the biggest pro illegal and open boarder immigrant groups out there now.
You are right of course.

I only meant they could use this video as propaganda to show the abuses inflicted upon the permanently temporary work force as a way to "encourage" people to seek UNION membership.

I wish people would watch this video so they would understand what a big issue this is and get involved. I believe this is something that goes beyond Democrat or Republican, beyond liberal or conservative.

This situation is not much better than the days of the company grocery store. This is what modern day slavery looks like. Any American should want to put a stop to this. In fact, it is comparable to human trafficking.

It is not just illegals either. We are starting to see more and more companies maintain a temporary workforce. Whirlpool and Bama Pie are notorious for that here in Tulsa. First they did away with pensions, now they are using "temporary" workers to deny benefits and drive down wages.

People need to start fighting back against this trend and banning these parasites (temporary agencies) is a good place to start.
The parasites that are temp agencies are hardly unique to American soil. Temp agencies pull the same con in the EU they do here.

Employers accept the lowest bid from competing temp agencies. That alone works to drive down wages. Then temp agencies target vulnerable people and pay them a fraction of fair market value for their labor.

There is not a shortage of American labor to do these jobs. There is only a shortage of Americans willing to to accept scraps and perpetual destitution while the employer and temp agency reap obscene profit margins.

Spread the word. Nothing would make me happier than to see these parasites banned from American soil.


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